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Laser marking machine is a kind of laser generator, which is controlled by computer software, combined with the principle of focusing and deflection of optical lens, so that the laser is projected onto the surface of the product. According to the drawings and parameters set by the software, the controllable laser can change the color or vaporize the surface of the product to form a permanent mark. It is called laser marking machine or laser engraving machine, laser machine and so on. Don't say too much here. 2. What is a bitmap? Bitmaps, also known as bitmap images or raster images, consist of individual points called pixels (picture elements). To put it bluntly, the photos taken by our digital cameras, mobile phones, and pictures captured from the computer screen can all be called bitmaps. We can simply draw an equal sign: a bitmap is a picture, a photo. Laser marking machine 3. How to type bitmap The most common application of laser marking machine is vector drawing. In simple terms, vector graphics are graphics drawn by drawing software such as CDR and CAD, and are composed of closed curves such as points and lines. It will not zoom in or out with graphics, regardless of resolution. Only with this picture can we set the filling parameters and marking parameters on the laser marking machine. Better marking effect can be controlled. However, laser marking will mark bitmaps. For all the marking software currently on the market, when we use the bitmap import software, the software will disperse into points with similar resolutions according to its own operating functions to complete the laser marking. The principle is the same as black and white TV imaging. At present, bitmap laser marking cannot complete color marking. When the color picture is imported into the software, the software will convert it into a bitmap in black and white mode, and automatically distribute the light energy of the laser according to the ratio of the black and white picture, and complete the dark and light laser on the surface of the material to form a black and white picture. The printing of bitmaps by laser marking machines is a major test of the operator's familiarity with the software and the control of material characteristics. If we want to take pictures on the customer's mobile phone, because there is no sample material for debugging, it needs to be molded at one time, which is very challenging. In addition, you also need to master some image processing software, such as PS and so on. After all, the photo is square, and it is best to process it into a heart shape or other patterns to be attractive. Therefore, entrepreneurs who want to engage in laser marking machines to print photos for customers' mobile phone cases, etc. , these things must be found. It's still hard. Hope these answers can help you easily.

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