Common sense of laser engraving machine maintenance


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First of all, the galvanometer should be kept away from objects with strong magnetism, strong electricity, and strong seismic current, and avoid touching the galvanometer with hands and objects. If there is dust on the lens, you can use a rag and a small amount of alcohol to clean it, and be careful to wipe it in one direction. 2. The laser in the case: regularly clean the dust, blow it with an air gun along the direction of the air duct, and clean the relevant circuit boards at the same time. 3. Check whether the grounding of the equipment is firm, whether the power cord and plug are complete, and avoid electric leakage accidents. 4. Add lubricating oil to moving parts such as hoisting machinery and guide rails once a month. Regularly check whether the fan of the device is working properly. Laser engraving machine 5. Before use: Check whether the software settings have been changed, and whether the function buttons and indicators are normal. After using intransitive verbs: Use a clean rag to clean the surface of the workbench, monitor, and keyboard, clean up garbage in time, especially marked metal residue or powder, clean the surrounding area, and keep it ventilated. Note: Please turn off the laser power before closing the marking software, otherwise it will damage the life of the laser. 7. Replace the circulating water and clean the water tank: Clean it once a week and replace the water inside. If the circulating water inside is too long, it is not good for the machine. The quality and temperature of the circulating water directly affect the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to use purified water or distilled water, and the water temperature should be kept below 35°C. As a device that converts electrical energy into machinery, electric motors are widely used in various fields. The rapid development of new energy drives the rapid growth of the motor industry, and the development prospects of China's motor industry are broad. Although my country has gradually become a major motor manufacturing country and has mastered the production technology of high-efficiency and ultra-high-efficiency energy-saving motors, due to the dual pressures of emission reduction and environmental protection, energy-saving equipment represented by high-efficiency motors has attracted market attention. In recent years, although the research and development of high-efficiency motors in my country has kept pace with the international level, the technological progress is very optimistic. Unfortunately, the IE3 motors produced in my country are rarely used in China, and most of them are used for export. The automatic laser engraving machine is suitable for marking electromechanical parts and etching smooth planes after processing. The automatic laser engraving machine adopts a unique mechanism design, and the X/Z axis of the optical table can automatically move left and right, which improves the work efficiency. Realize batch scribing on the plane, and also adapt to the etching of the original surface (rough surface) of the part. Applicable materials: metals (including cast iron and aluminum), most non-metals (engineering plastics and rubber), etc.

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