Speed ​​analysis of laser engraving machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Among the various marking speeds, the laser engraving machine is considered to be a very fast device, but it also has some limitations. The theoretical speed of the manufacturer is 9000 mm/s. Some marking opportunities are lower than this speed, about 7000 mm/s. Of course, the actual speed will be lower than the theoretical speed, which is affected by the product material, marking depth, marking effect, marking Width, marking density, laser spot size, manual speed and other factors will affect the marking speed of the laser engraving machine. Then, what is the speed of the laser engraving machine? This is a question asked by many people and asked by many clients. We reply here in a unified way to achieve the proofing effect. We can't know the speed of marking papers accurately, and we can only roughly estimate the speed of marking papers according to the needs of customers and the content of papers being graded. Material: Different materials may require different forces to use the marker. For example, if you use metal materials instead of plastic materials for marking, you need higher power to achieve the marking effect. Marking depth: On the same product, when the marking depth increases, it is necessary to increase the marking power, or even slow down the marking speed, in order to achieve the desired effect. Marking effect: Marking effect is very important to customers, and customers can only recognize it when the effect can be achieved. During the marking process, it may be necessary to slow down the marking speed and increase the power, or to slow down and increase the power. Marking width: The marking width will have a certain impact on the marking speed, because the deflection area of ​​the galvanometer with a large width will increase, thus slowing down the marking speed. Density: When we say speed, it generally refers to the theoretical speed of 9000 mm/s or 7000 mm/s, according to the corresponding speed of the marking machine. In fact, the theoretical speed cannot be reached during the marking process, because there is a marking density. If the marking density is high, it will be much lower than this speed. For example, if a pattern is marked within the range of 9000 mm, then this is It can't be done in a few seconds. Spot size: Generally, the smaller the spot, the slower the marking speed, and the faster the spot, the faster the marking speed. Manual speed: If the laser engraving machine requires manual operation before automation, the number of markings per hour is also related to the proficiency of manual operation. Here we can't give the speed, only how long it takes to mark a product.

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