Laser marking programming tutorial for laser engraving


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser engraving machine is a kind of laser equipment commonly used in the production of our enterprise. In fact, the laser engraving machine is very simple in use, so we do not need to program it. You only need to use the software ez CAD2, which can be said to be a complete fool-like operation. After opening the software, you can see that there is an input work area and some editing menus. We can directly draw circles, rectangles, and ellipses in these working areas, and we can also input text, even import photos, import vector graphics, and make QR codes. A gadget has its own characteristics that allow us to do better work. If we need to import photos, we directly click a picture-style icon on the left toolbar. Then select the photos we need to import. Or click the file button in the upper left corner, and there is an input bitmap file inside. We directly click to select the picture we need, so that we can import it. Then change our picture to the size we want in the object list on the left. If you want to input vector graphics, the tutorial is the same. Click on our vector graphics tool. Or click on our input vector graphics file in the upper left corner. If we want to input text, we can directly click on the drawing text tool. After inputting, a txxt text box will be displayed on the left. Directly change this text to the text we need or English letters, numbers are all possible. At this time, we found that the working area did not take effect. This time, it was because we did not click Apply. So after each operation, we must click the application in the text tool. It will only take effect after clicking Apply. Similarly we can change the size of this text. After the rectification, you must also click Apply. Whether the effect of the text we typed is good, we need to use a tool, which is the filling tool. We need to select the text we have edited. There will be an icon with a red H logo at the top of the software. Let's click it directly, select fill 1, check enable, check object, and check overall calculation. Then there is the fill type. We generally choose the bow type. Then we can adjust the line spacing inside to 0.03 mm. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to fill in between 0.003 and 0.005. Then let's look at the right side of the software and use the default parameters. This default parameter is checked, and we will cancel this check. Inside you can change the marking speed, power and frequency. The main thing we changed is the marking speed and power. It is worth noting that this power is composed of percentages. For example, the power of our machine is 20 watts. Here we change the power to 50, which is 50%, that is, use ten watts of power to mark. We just introduced some basic settings and operations of the laser engraving machine above, hoping to help you. The operation of the laser engraving machine is very simple, as long as you use these tools skillfully, you can get the effect you want. So there is no need to use programming during use. Because we are a visualization software, not a CNC software that requires programming.

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