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Laser marking machine is an industrial product and also a kind of laser equipment, which can mark the workpiece. Let's introduce the laser marking machine below. 1. Fiber laser marking machine Fiber laser marking machine is a kind of laser marking machine series. It is one of the most widely used and most practical laser equipment. Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for metal laser marking It can be called metal laser marking machine. The effect of laser marking is to reveal the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to cause the physical change of the surface material through the light energy."carve"traces, or burn off part of the material through light energy, and display various graphics such as patterns, characters, and barcodes that need to be etched. The fiber laser marking machine we refer to means that the marking machine uses a fiber laser. The fiber laser has the advantages of small size (no water cooling device, using air cooling), good beam quality (fundamental mode), and maintenance-free. It mainly consists of three components: laser, vibrating lens, and marking card. In the marking and printing industry, laser marking machines have occupied more than 90% of the market. The reason why laser marking machines occupy such a large share is because it has the following eight advantages: 1. Persistence of marking effect: if the marking will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.) . 2. Anti-counterfeiting of marking effect: The marks engraved by laser marking technology are not easy to change and have strong anti-counterfeiting to a certain extent. 3. Non-contact marking effect: Laser marking is non-mechanical"light knife"For processing, marks can be printed on any regular or irregular surface, and the workpiece will not produce internal stress after marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece. No corrosion to the working surface, no"knives"Abrasion, non-toxic, non-polluting. 4. The marking effect is applicable to many industries: laser is used as a processing method, which can process various metal and non-metal materials (aluminum, copper, iron, wood products, etc.), plastic, leather, glass, and various electronic products. 1. The small portable fiber laser marking machine has a long service life. The service life of the machine is long, and the customer does not need to replace the machine frequently, so that the customer can save a lot of cost when using the laser marking machine for marking. 2. The portable fiber laser marking machine is maintenance-free. Machine maintenance is one of the ways to make the machine work better, which saves customers a lot of unnecessary trouble, saves time, and indirectly improves work efficiency. 3. The marking characters are clear and fine, and the energy consumption is low. The portable fiber laser marking machine acts on the material, and the product pattern is vivid and clear, which is easy to be accepted by the market. 4. As the name suggests, the portable fiber laser marking machine is portable, flexible, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Customers can process products at home or in a small space, providing convenience for customers. At present, the industries where small laser marking machines are used include hardware products, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), Electrical appliances, mobile communications, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses clocks, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes, medical equipment and many other fields of graphics and text marks, so as to leave long-term marks on the surface of the workpiece.

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