What are the application industries of laser marking machine


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What are the laser marking machine application industries? Laser marking machines are widely used in all walks of life, mainly including the following uses: 1. Laser marking machines can be used to engrave blessings, LOGO, text, and anti-counterfeiting on food packaging bags and gift boxes Code, date of production, photos engraved on the popular Coca-Cola on Douyin, wedding wishes, festival wishes, etc. 2. On electronic components such as mobile phone chargers, use a fiber laser marking machine to engrave hazard signs, LOGO, production date, manufacturer name, LR, +-marks on the earphones, precautions for hazard signs on lithium batteries, and environmental protection signs , power supply voltage and other information. 3. In the pharmaceutical packaging industry, an ultraviolet laser marking machine is used to mark the birthday date and expiration date on the medicine box packaging bag or packaging carton.

4. In the furniture and wood flooring industry, co2 laser marking machines are used to engrave the company's brand LOGO, graphics, numbers, etc. 5. Advertising industry, advertising acrylic signs, light cabinets and display cabinets can use laser cutting machines to engrave patterns, acrylic handicrafts, gifts, engraving patterns, blessings, etc. 6. The hardware accessories industry, such as hardware key chains, stainless steel bowls, forks, spoons, knives and other metals, use fiber laser marking machines to engrave company LOGO, patterns and other information.

7. Automobile and motorcycle accessories industry, such as bearings, steering wheels, gearboxes, engines and other metals, also use fiber laser marking machines to engrave company brands and other information on them. All walks of life above can use the laser marking machine to edit various barcodes, QR codes, production dates, batch numbers, serial numbers, trademark logos, pattern texts, photos and other information on the computer, and the engraved information is permanent. Zero pollution, no consumables, high precision, fast speed, long life and many other advantages.

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