How to make automatic marking of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The automatic marking of the laser marking machine is not supported by ordinary laser printers, so what we need to use is the CCD visual automatic marking machine, which is our ordinary laser marking machine dedicated visual system, which can realize fully automatic marking. Laser marking, let's take a look at how to automatically mark with a laser marking machine. Laser automatic marking machine is equipped with visual camera, visual light source, visual sensor and automatic assembly line. Only with these configurations can automatic compliance be achieved. We only need to place the product on the assembly line of the laser marking machine arbitrarily. It can realize feeding and discharging at the same time. In addition, we need to set up the visual software equipped with the laser marking machine, set the marking content we want to mark, and set the speed and power, so that automatic marking can be realized. The visual positioning laser marking machine can realize accurate marking as long as the product is within the processing range of the laser marking scanning galvanometer; that is, even if the position is different each time, the processing position is OK. This technology uses the principle of visual positioning, first formulate templates for products, save them as standard templates, take pictures of products during processing, compare and position them by computer, and accurately process products after adjustment. The shape of the processed product can be recognized in round, square, and irregular shapes; this process is especially suitable for small products, and can avoid the processing of positioning trays and fixing fixtures, which greatly saves the laser marking processing cycle. Introduction to the marking vision system: 1. Visual recognition accuracy can reach 0.01mm; 2. Coaxial visual imaging, what you see is what you get, can deflect with the deflection of the vibrating lens, and observe the processing situation in real time; 3. Auto focus, within 3 seconds Complete auto-focus without manual adjustment; 4. Visual automatic positioning, which can realize automatic recognition of 0~99 different features and different quantities of products, automatic grasping, and automatic corresponding to different marking processing marking machine visual positioning system Features 1. One-key automatic calibration, associating the laser and visual coordinates 2. One-key distortion correction, suitable for high-precision occasions, correcting the visual lens 3. Self-adaptive automatic positioning mode, only need a frame to realize automatic Positioning function, single and multiple product marking. 4. The marking information can be fixed and changed (support communication access, ASCII conversion, binary and hexadecimal modes) 5. Communication support: IO, TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and other protocols 6. The camera has a large imaging field of view and is suitable for Marking on any flat product; 7. Any angle of the product, any number, the camera automatically identifies the product marking; 8. Through the guide rail control, the splicing and marking of large-format products can be realized; 9. XYZ axes can be added according to the actual product characteristics to realize Fully automatic visual positioning marking; According to the above, we can know that the laser marking machine must use a CCD visual laser marking machine to achieve automation. If you have other questions, you can consult Correct Pack Laser to learn more about CCD visual laser marking machine information.

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