Can the laser marking machine engrave photos


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many people may not know that laser marking machines can print photos. First of all, let's talk about the laser marking machine. Laser marking machines can be used to mark numbers, letters, text, pictures, QR codes, etc., which can be metal and some non-metal, such as hard plastic. Widely used in mobile power supply, mobile phone case, aluminum oxide blackening, tablet computer, ring, watch, sanitary ware, electronic components and other industries. Of course, there are certain requirements for the quality of photo-taking laser equipment, because a laser marking machine is not a printer. To put it bluntly, when marking a pattern in a laser marking machine, the basis for marking is the resolution of the pattern. , the color will be darker, and where the picture color is lighter, the color will be lighter. The laser marking machine cannot be adjusted according to the color of the pattern to print the corresponding color. Based on the color of the object itself, the color of the mark on the object is different. We can make some materials into many colors, such as stainless steel, even colored. But no matter which color is marked, the parameters need to be adjusted properly in advance. After adjustment, the parameters remain unchanged during the marking process, so if our picture is rich in color, but the contrast between colors is not high, a lot of details will be lost after marking with a laser marking machine, and many places with low contrast may come out. is one color and will stick together. Use images with very high contrast. This type of image reproduction is relatively high. Vector image import of laser marking machine software. Using COREDRAW to make vector graphics can remove many unnecessary details, and it is not easy to make such an obvious depth comparison. The marking pattern of the laser marking machine is composed of lines, which is simple and uniform in depth.

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