Common faults and color settings of laser marking machines


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Common failure causes of laser marking machines. Symptom 1: The printing needle does not move. Cause of failure: The compression screws on the drive belts of the X and Y axes of the printer are loose.

Troubleshooting: Tighten the compression screws on the drive belt of the X and Y axes of the printer. Symptom 2: The printing is normal, but the characters are not beautiful.. Cause of failure: The printing needle is not tightened, the printing needle tip is damaged, lack of lubrication or foreign matter is stuck so that the printing needle cannot move.

Troubleshooting: Tighten the printing needle, replace it if necessary, check the track and belt, clean and lubricate if necessary. Symptom 3: After the computer or controller is turned on, no indicator light is on. Causes of failure: The plug of the power cord is not plugged in properly, the power cord is disconnected, the power cord (or plug) is corroded, the printing switch is damaged, and the socket has no power.

Troubleshooting: Plug in the power cord and confirm whether the socket has power. Note: If you lack relevant knowledge, please do not repair it by hand. If necessary, consult a professional. Symptom 4: There is no wind from the power supply fan after the computer is turned on. Cause of failure: The computer stabilized power supply is damaged, and the fan blade of the laser marking machine is stuck by foreign objects.

Troubleshooting: Replace the regulated power supply of the computer (the standard power supply is not expensive, and replacement is more convenient and cheaper than repair), remove foreign matter from the fan blades. Symptom 5: There is no display on the computer screen. Causes of failure: Poor connection of screen signal cable or damaged computer graphics card, damaged video cable, damaged computer graphics card, the monitor is not powered on or the switch is not turned on, and the contrast and brightness of the monitor are not set properly.

Troubleshooting: Plug in the screen signal cable or replace the computer display card, reset the brightness and contrast of the display, and power on the display. Symptom 6: The printing process stops suddenly.. Cause of failure: External interference..

Troubleshooting: Press the power switch on the controller panel to restart the controller. Symptom 7: There is an error in the screen display, graphics are displayed, and characters are destroyed. Cause of failure: wrong operation..

Troubleshooting: Press the reset switch (Reset) of the computer to restart the computer. After selecting the object, right-click the color bar color to modify the outer frame color of the object, and left-click the color bar UV laser marking machine color to modify the object's fill color (the function is the same as CorelDRAW). The first data after the color in the property bar (default 0.010mm) is the step size of the color, the second data (15.0us) is the middle delay of the color, and the last parameter is the engraving times of the color, when it is 0, no engraving, double-click the color bar to switch between 0 and 1 to switch the number of engravings, the order of colors represents the order in which lines of this color are engraved, as shown in the figure above, when engraving each graphic object, follow the sequence of red, yellow and green…Sequential engraving of black and gray. The method of changing the order Select the color to be changed, click and hold the left button, and drag it to the desired order, such as“black”lines to be in“yellow”Before the line is carved out, check the“black”, click and hold and drag to“yellow”Above, let go of the left button, the engraving color sequence only works in the same graphic object.

In the documentation there exists a“pentagon”and a“text”,“pentagon”The engraving order for is 1,“text”The engraving order is 2, and the engraving order of the IC automatic laser marking machine is 1 regardless of the order of the colors when engraving.“pentagon”, and then the engraving sequence is 2“text”, in engraving“pentagon”, the engraver will engrave its border and fill lines in color order. Right-click the color parameter, the following menu will appear Cut: copy the selected color parameter to the clipboard, copy: copy the selected color parameter to the clipboard, paste: paste the parameter in the clipboard to the selected color parameter , Import parameters: import the saved color parameters to the selected color parameters, save parameters: save the selected color parameters to the hard disk for easy recall when necessary, save as default values: save the selected color parameters as default values, Each color parameter will use its default value when creating a new document for the first time. The method of selecting color parameters ①, directly click on the color object to be selected, ②, press“Ctrl”key to increase or decrease the selected color object, ③, press“Shift”key to increase or decrease some selected color objects, these colors are all objects between the clicked color object and the selected color object.

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