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At present, the application advantages of fiber laser marking machines are becoming more and more significant, and they have also received extensive attention. Fiber laser marking machines use laser fibers as the medium, and have the advantages of good heat dissipation, high power, and fast speed, so they have been favored by many industries. Dear friends, due to the rapid development of the market, there are more and more types of laser marking machines, but many people are not clear about the components and accessories of fiber laser marking machines. Let me explain to you how to form a complete fiber laser What components does the marking machine need? 1. Fiber laser: It is a component that generates laser light. It is a laser that uses rare earth element-doped glass fiber as the gain medium. Therefore, it is the core part of the entire fiber laser marking machine. Fiber lasers have a wide range of applications. There are laser fibers Communications, laser space long-distance communication, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, etc., its brands are domestic or imported. 2. Vibrating mirror: The so-called vibrating mirror can also be called an ammeter, because its design idea is completely in accordance with the design method of the ammeter, except that the lens replaces the pointer. It is mainly used for laser marking, laser engraving, etc. At present, The galvanometer used in the fiber laser marking machine is a digital galvanometer, generally with a 10mm spot.

3. Field mirror laser marking machine: also called flat-field focusing mirror, scanning lens, F-θThe mirror is mainly used to gather the light from the galvanometer on a plane. Warm reminder: Pay attention to the marking range when purchasing, and determine it according to your own needs. Don't blindly seek big, and don't blindly pursue the price. 4. Marking card and marking software: also called laser control card, laser marking card, generally used for marking with golden oranges, it is used to convert the text patterns we draw in the computer into analog signals or The digital signal is then transmitted to the vibrating mirror. 5. Red light indicator: also called red light pen, used to indicate the optical path, because the 1064nm laser is invisible, but the 650nm light of the red light indicator is visible, and the 650nm light and 1064nm light are combined through the beam combiner The light overlaps, so where the 650nm light indicates, there is the 1064nm light, so as to achieve the function of indicating the light path. The red light pen is installed in the red light beam combining frame.

6. Beam combiner: also called light combiner, the function of beam combiner: used to indicate the optical path, because the 1064nm laser is invisible, and in the actual marking process, we often need to know where the laser focus is, In order to determine the position of the marking UV laser marking machine. 7. Cabinet: It is also called fiber laser marking machine cabinet, laser control cabinet. If a marking machine is compared to a house, then the cabinet is the frame of the house, and all other accessories are installed in this house. 8. Industrial computer: Ordinary computers can also be used. For optical fiber marking machines, because the marking card is a USB marking card, the computer can also use a laptop. This is also a portable marking machine for optical fiber marking machines. one of the important reasons.

In addition to the above accessories, the fiber laser marking machine also includes various power switches, power control boxes, red beam combining mirror holders, filters, circuit breakers, field lens protection sheets and so on. In fact, the most important thing for equipment is to consider its brand, configuration, model, power, production process, technical level, after-sales service, etc. For the brand, model, power supply and after-sales service, you can choose according to your processing needs, because you can Know it at a glance, and the production process and technical level are also the difference between domestic and imported, so the most important configuration parameters are those that affect the efficiency and effectiveness of laser marking, let's talk about these factors. The energy and beam form of the laser beam of IC automatic laser marking machine: choosing the appropriate laser beam energy and form is the premise of laser marking, which is also the first factor to be considered in laser processing.

Functional characteristics of the system software: The software is the control and command center of the entire system, and it is the brain of the fiber laser marking machine. Good system software is not only easy to operate, but also can make up for some defects in the hardware. The performance of the focused laser beam: The focusing performance of the laser beam mainly depends on whether the focus point of the laser beam is fully concentrated. If it is fully concentrated, an ideal laser spot can be obtained, and the high energy density characteristics of the laser can be used to complete the laser marking process. Mechanical accuracy of the workbench: The table is a mechanical component that drives the laser beam movement, and its accuracy directly affects the accuracy of laser marking.

Optical path system: The optical path system plays an important role in the transmission of the laser beam, and its good work is also one of the prerequisites for fiber laser marking machines. The moving speed of the laser beam: In the process of the interaction between the laser and the matter, the speed of the laser beam is a very important parameter, which will affect the effect of the laser and the matter. Use auxiliary equipment: Good auxiliary equipment can not only prolong the service life of the hardware, but also improve the effect of the fiber laser marking machine.

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