Composition structure of laser marking machine and types of laser marking machine


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The structure of the laser marking machine. One, lasers. The laser is the main accessory of the laser marking machine, also known as the essential core accessory. In order to adapt to different industries, different products, and different materials, the laser is divided into optical fiber, ultraviolet, co2, YAG, semiconductor, etc. The laser is installed in Inside the shell of the marking machine, find the specific location of the laser as shown in the figure above.

Second, the vibrating mirror. The vibrating mirror is to assist the laser to complete a series of marking problems. It is composed of two parts: optical scanning and servo control. The vibrating mirror can not only assist the laser to complete a series of tasks, but also have a good protective effect on the laser. Three, marking the control card.

The marking control card is installed inside the machine, and many people have never seen it before. If you know the computer motherboard, you can quickly find the control card by punching the back door of the laser. It is similar to the computer motherboard. The control card is connected to the computer and the laser. , the computer can control the laser by installing the control card software, and set a series of parameters to fully control the laser marking. Fourth, the computer. The computer is not unfamiliar to us, most of us have been in contact with it, so I won’t talk about its internal structure. It is mentioned above that the computer is connected to the control card, and the laser is controlled by the laser marking machine control software to perform a series of markings. , The computer can set a series of information such as pictures and texts through the control software to let the laser complete the marking. Generally speaking, the plane graphics that the computer can design can be printed on the material that can be printed by the laser.

Fifth, power supply. The power supply for electrical products is essential. Laser marking machines are different from computers, and one power supply is sufficient. Marking machines generally have three power supplies, 24v power supply connected to the laser, and the other two small power supplies connected to the marking card and other auxiliary accessories. . Sixth, auxiliary accessories.

Auxiliary accessories include red light, focusing system, laser light, ccd positioning system, fan/water tank, optical path system, full return, semi-reflective module, field mirror, speed expansion vibration, feeding belt, vibration plate and other auxiliary accessories mainly according to customer It depends on the needs of the standard machine. High allocation and low allocation. We often hear that the laser marking machine has high configuration and low configuration, which means that the selected accessories are different. For example, the lasers are imported and domestic ones, just like the computer cpu has I5/I7, and the other accessories of the laser marking machine are the same. The marking machine can also be equipped with different auxiliary accessories to meet the marking needs.

Let's first introduce the metal laser marking machine. Metal UV laser marking machine. It is called a fiber laser marking machine, and the black aluminum alloy is usually called a mopa laser marking machine. The two types of laser equipment are collectively called a fiber laser marking machine. The difference is that the mopa laser marking machine has a higher frequency. The effect of marking will be better than ordinary fiber laser marking machines. Fiber laser marking machines can not only be used on metal product materials, but also some plastics can use fiber laser marking machines. Although the marking effect is not good, But it can also be accepted by some customers. Carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine, known as non-metal laser marking machine, wood products, leather in the classification of laser marking machines, only it can mark on it and can produce good results, other laser marking machines cannot produce ideal results In addition, carbon dioxide co2 can also achieve good marking effects on plexiglass and some foods, such as video markings such as egg shells and crab shells. Fine marking, focusing on plastic material marking, can complete some difficult product marks, IC automatic laser marking machine accuracy can reach 0.01μm, the minimum engraving range can reach 0.5mm. It is a laser marking machine that can engrave very good effects on plastic materials. It can also mark on products with a high UV layer, and can also mark on glass. The effect is not weaker than that of carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machines. The same type of products include two laser marking machines, purple light and green light.

An end-pump laser marking machine for light-transmitting buttons, usually we also call it a semiconductor laser marking machine. Although light-transmitting buttons can also be realized with a fiber laser marking machine, due to the higher requirements for effects, the end-pump Laser marking machine is a good choice. At present, light-transmitting buttons are widely used in lighting, automobiles, household appliances, smart door locks and other products. What we see more is inkjet printers. There is also a laser printer in the category of laser marking machines. Its characteristics are that it does not require consumables and can stably mark on the 24-hour assembly line. Laser printers are generally aimed at plastic materials. , Use high temperature to burn the surface of the product that needs to be marked, and the other is that the position parameters generally marked on the product have no color, which is suitable for 24-hour online marking on the assembly line. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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