Laser Marking Machine Cylindrical Surface Marking Tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Laser marking machine marking on cylindrical surface is actually very simple. We only need to add a piece of hardware on the laser marking machine, which is what we usually call the rotation axis. Only after adding the rotation axis can we mark on the original station. The following Let's take a look at the specific tutorial. 1. First enter the laser marking machine software to import the icon or vector map we need, first change the size and size of our icon according to our actual situation, and then fill our icon. 2. Select the laser menu on the top of the software, find our laser segmentation and marking 2, and then check the selection processing, check the whole quality division, check all the overall division. Then the workpiece diameter click this is according to our actual situation, let's measure the diameter of our cylinder, if the diameter of this cylinder is 10, we will fill in 10. 3. Click the parameter setting to check enable, then change the pulse per revolution to 12,800, then change the minimum coordinate to minus 10,000, change the maximum coordinate to 10,000, change the minimum speed to 1000, change the maximum speed to 5000, change the processing time to 200, and then tick Select the end of processing, return to the starting point and change the speed to 5000 pulses. 4. Check the reduction ratio of the rotary axis and change it to 1, and change the diameter of the workpiece to the actual size. Then nothing else needs to be changed. Click OK. Go back to the main interface, and then change the division size to one, then we can use the red light to preview, and then mark. Through the above steps, the laser marking machine can be completed. The tutorial on the cylindrical surface is up to the standard. This method is used for the hardware with the rotation axis. If there is no hardware for the rotation axis of the laser marking machine or the laser control card does not support the rotation, we There is no way to meet the standard on a cylindrical surface, or we can use a dynamic galvanometer with a curved surface.

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