Daily Instructions for Laser Marking Machines and Selection of Laser Marking Machines


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There are many problems that need to be paid attention to in the daily use of laser marking machines. Here we will explain to you some of the more common ones. These are some basic common sense problems. This requires everyone's attention. The machine cannot be unusable because of some minor problems. . Precautions for daily use of laser marking machine. 1. The problem of the line. The use of the laser marking machine needs a stable voltage, and it is necessary to ensure that there will be no problems in the middle of the line. This requires the user to check the use of the line and some switches frequently when using it to ensure There will be no problems when the laser marking machine is in use.

2. The problem of switching on and off. If the marking machine is used frequently, it can be turned on for a long time, but when it is not used frequently, it needs to be turned on when it is in use. We have seen some customers use it for a short time in a day. But it is still turned on for a long time, which is very harmful to the use of laser marking machines. 3. Regular inspection, this is a routine item, and requires users to learn some maintenance knowledge. 4. For regular cleaning, it is necessary to remove some dust and some stains from the surface.

5. Anti-corrosion. The laser marking machine marking machine will inevitably have some bumps when it is used. These parts are prone to rust. If there is any rust, it needs to be repaired in time. The technology and advantages of laser marking machine in the electroplating industry. Laser electroplating is an emerging high-energy beam electroplating technology. It is of great significance to the production and repair of microelectronic devices and large-scale integrated circuits. At present, although laser electroplating The principle, laser ablation, plasma laser deposition and laser jetting are still under study, but its technology is already in practical use. Increase the deposition speed of the metal, and use the computer to control the trajectory of the laser beam to obtain the unshielded coating of the expected complex geometry. Compared with ordinary electroplating, laser marking machine has the following advantages:.

1. Fast deposition rate. 2. The metal deposition only occurs in the laser irradiation area, and the local deposition coating can be obtained without shielding measures, thus simplifying the production process. 3. The binding force of the coating is greatly improved.

4. Easy to realize automatic control. 5. Save precious metals. 6. Save equipment investment and processing time. The marking machine marking industry has always been closely related to our life. However, the traditional marking industry will cause some waste of materials and pollution problems during the production and processing process. This runs counter to the trend of green environmental protection in contemporary society. Our country has been vigorously advocating the road of sustainable development, which has caused many contradictions between the traditional marking industry and society. The emergence of fiber laser marking machines has promoted the marking industry. The road of green environmental protection and sustainable development.

Laser marking machine is a kind of machinery for professional response and professional area. The use of this kind of machinery is professional, unique, necessary, etc., so customers will be very careful when buying, and many customers are buying Always choose carefully, think carefully, etc. Today, in order to help you choose a laser marking machine, we will explain to you how to choose a laser marking machine, and help you choose a good laser marking machine to make our business more important to you. It is a shortcut. How to choose a laser marking machine. 1. Look at the manufacturer. Some customers are not very familiar with laser marking machines. When choosing, they don’t know what brand to choose. We recommend that you buy some big brands. This kind of machinery is authoritative in the industry. It is recognized by customers. The IC automatic laser marking machine is like when we buy some home appliances. Generally, we first consider some big brands. Why buy big brands? Because they have high reputation, high popularity, and good after-sales service. Wait, it's the same on the marking machine.

2. Look at the price. The prices of two different brands and different models of marking machines vary greatly. If you cannot distinguish between two similar products, you can use the price to distinguish them. 3. Choose the one that suits you. When some merchants sell products, they usually give priority to introducing some latest products or some backlog products. This is the sales practice of every industry. You need to stick to your own principles, which is to choose the one that suits you. Yes, when buying, directly check the information on what is suitable for you, and then ask the sales staff to introduce products that suit you. Sometimes you need a product that costs tens of thousands, but the salesman will introduce you to hundreds of thousands. In this way It is unnecessary for you to buy it back. There is no best marking machine, and the one that suits you is the best. 4. Look at the after-sales service. When buying a laser marking machine, you must buy a manufacturer with good after-sales service. This is a key factor for your later use, and it is also a necessary factor to determine whether your later use is pleasant.

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