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Both the mobile phone case and the mobile phone back cover need to have certain skills when engraving with a laser marking machine. We usually see information such as the product parameter logo engraved on the mobile phone case on the back cover of the mobile phone. The color and size are symmetrically arranged. Adjust the sample to have the engraving effect we see. The laser marking machine can engrave on the mobile phone case and the back cover of the mobile phone. One is not determined in advance. Whether it is metal, plastic or wood, the mobile phone case is suitable for engraving various pictures, texts, patterns, etc. We must pay attention to it during the engraving process. Wooden mobile phone cases need carbon dioxide laser marking machines, plastic mobile phone cases may need to be used, and metal products generally use fiber laser marking machines for engraving. We have seen many mobile phone cases engraved with pictures and articles. There are three types of these mobile phone cases, wood, metal and plastic. These three materials can be engraved with pictures and text. As shown in the above picture, all plastic materials are marked by fiber laser At the same time, all the surface layers are removed, and part of the surface layer is left as a picture or text display. The engraving process of the next row of mobile phone shells is more responsible. The first wooden product will use a carbon dioxide laser marking machine. For engraving, I chose a peacock picture on the Internet for the laser marking machine case. The second one belongs to alumina black engraving, and I use an optical fiber M series marking machine. The third one belongs to knocking off the surface. The memory of this mobile phone shell is White, through the design to remove the surface layer to display portrait pictures and texts, the fourth one imitates some logos and parameters engraved on the ipad, and uses an optical fiber M series laser marking machine to complete the engraving, and the fifth mobile phone case uses an ordinary optical fiber laser The principle of the marking machine is the same as that of the third one. The surface layer is removed to reveal the white inner layer.

How to realize the introduction of patterns and texts through mobile phone case engraving, don’t knock off the surface layer because it is very simple, but it is actually very complicated. If you are not sure, you don’t know the thickness of the surface layer and the material used, so you can’t confirm the laser. What are the parameters adjusted by the marking machine? If it is too small, it may not be able to remove the surface layer. If it is made of plastic, it may be pierced. If it is made of too much metal, it may not look good. The same is true for directly printing pictures on the phone case. If the power of wood products is high, the marking speed is slow, the frequency is high and the depth of the marking is large, there may be traces of burnt black, which will seriously affect the beauty of the entire picture. The ultraviolet laser marking machine uses the M series fiber laser marking machine in the Marking on aluminum oxide metal material, the general color is black, but it can also be marked in cyan through parameter adjustment, as shown in the second mobile phone case, so it is not very simple to mark the mobile phone case, and it needs to be marked by laser samples. Constantly adjust the parameters to see the effect, so as to achieve the desired effect. The proofing master will make several samples for the customer, and the effect of several samples will be different. These samples with different effects are obtained by adjusting different parameters through the laser marking machine. Different parameters produce different effects. This is also somewhat People also think that 304 stainless steel can not print color, through parameter adjustment, this material can not only print color, but also control the color to be marked (extension: laser marking machine can print color material). The adjustment of laser marking machine parameters requires certain skills, so there is a laser engraving master. The laser engraving master who has many marking samples may know the various parameters you want to adjust according to your material, and the parameters are not only on the right. The power to be adjusted, speed, frequency, pulse width, etc., as well as various fonts, vector graphics, and some fillings, and the distance between the product and the lens are generally adjusted to the maximum power, which is also the best position , IC automatic laser marking machine, of course, there are special cases.

The adjustment of laser marking machine parameters is customer-centric. Some customers have samples, and we only need to use their materials to produce the same effect. Some customers do not have samples. We need to judge the effect he wants according to his needs. Then continue to adjust and confirm its parameters. Generally speaking, if the depth is not enough, you can adjust the three internal parameters such as the field lens, power and marking speed. If there is a problem with the color depth, you need to adjust the frequency and its speed. Industrial production pays attention to speed, and most customers care about one minute. How much can be marked, or how long does it take to finish marking? In this case, try to increase the power, then increase the speed, and increase the frequency to achieve the same effect as slow marking. In the process of not confirming the parameters, adjust one according to experience. parameters, and then judge whether to increase or decrease the power, increase or decrease the marking speed and other parameters according to the printing effect. It is much easier to adjust the laser marking machine after mastering the skills when power adjustment is required. Generally, the effect can be adjusted after two or three samples, especially for experienced laser engraving masters, who may know the material and requirements. Know the approximate parameters, how to adjust.

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