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Laser marking machine can not only mark, but it can also engrave chapters. The effect of engraving chapters with laser marking machines is no less than that of stamp engraving machines we know. Let's take a look at how laser marking machines work For engraving, let's take a look at the specific tutorial together. 1. First, enter the laser marking machine software, first use the circle tool to draw a circle we need, and then change the size we need, here we use the diameter of 60 as a demonstration. After drawing, we will place the circle at the origin. 2. Then directly edit the text we need to engrave. Use the drawing text tool. After editing the text, we click the F icon above the text box. This is the font setting window. We can see the arc text at the bottom, and then we can Check this arc text, and change the diameter of this arc text to 60. 3. Next, we will place this arc text at the origin, and then adjust its size and position according to our needs. Even if our text reaches the edge of this chapter or the position we specify. 4. Next, we will add the five-pointed star we need. We can use the special symbol tool of the input method to select our special symbol to find the five-pointed star symbol, copy it directly or enter it in the text input box. 5. After editing all our text positions and circle centers, we will select all the edited graphics, and then combine groups at the top of the software. After combining groups, the key step comes, and then It is filling. Our font that appears after filling is blank. We only need to fill the area outside the font and it is done. 6. Then we use the mirror image tool to convert the graphic we have made into a mirror image, and then adjust the power and speed of the laser marking machine to our appropriate power and speed, and then click continuous processing. Now we will You can start engraving. In this case, we generally need to repeat engraving 5-10 times or 20 times. The above is the laser marking machine engraving tutorial we introduced to you. This kind of call is to use a laser marking machine to engrave a seal. Although it is different from a professional engraving tool, we only need to master the laser marking machine software proficiently. It can also achieve the effect we want.

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