Laser marking machine failure and difference with ink marking machine


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Common laser marking machine fault solutions. 1. Reasons for the weak laser output power of the new equipment that has not been used for a long time:. ①Whether the output power of the laser measured at the factory has reached the technical index.

②Whether the accuracy of resonant cavity adjustment meets the requirements. ③Whether there is light leakage on the full-reflection diaphragm. ④Whether the insertion loss of the acousto-optic switch is within the specified range.

2. After the laser marking machine has been used for a period of time, the reason why the laser output power of the laser decreases:. ①Whether the laser resonator changes: Fine-tune the resonator lens to make the output spot the best. ②Whether there is any fouling on the total reverse and output diaphragm.

③The acousto-optic crystal is offset or the output energy of the acousto-optic power supply is low: adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal. ④Whether the temperature difference between the water temperature setting of the cooling water tank and the ambient temperature exceeds 5°C. ⑤Whether the service life of the krypton lamp has expired.

⑥The laser entering the galvanometer is off-center: adjust the laser. ⑦If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the photosensitive intensity is still not enough: the krypton lamp is aging, replace it with a new lamp. 3. The laser output power of the laser marking machine is normal, but the laser beam cannot play the role of marking:.

①Whether the adjustment of the optical path system is accurate. ②Whether the sound and light switch can function as a switch. ③The D/A card controls whether the sound and light output signal of the laser marking machine reaches 5V.

4. The reason why the acousto-optic switch of the laser marking machine cannot play the role of switching the laser:. ①Whether the RF output power of the acousto-optic power supply is normal. ②Whether all the switches of the power supply are in the correct position.

③Whether the radio frequency connection is reliable. ④Whether there is any contamination on the light-transmitting end face of the Q switch. 5. Reasons why the laser marking machine cannot achieve the expected marking depth:.

① Whether the laser output power meets the requirements. ②Whether the cut-off power of the acousto-optic switch meets the requirements. ③Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate.

④Whether the position and direction adjustment of the beam expander are accurate. ⑤ Is there any pollution on the lens surface? ⑥Whether the workpiece surface is on the focal plane.

⑦Whether the 28V output DC voltage of the laser power supply has dropped, resulting in a drop in laser output power. In terms of functional structure, laser printers are divided into two parts: print engine and print controller. The print engines of laser printers are provided by a few engine manufacturers such as Canon, Minolta, Xerox, Brother, Samsung, Hitachi, etc., while printer manufacturers are Buy or customize the printing engine from the engine manufacturer, design the controller and printing driver according to the engine, so as to complete the design and production of the entire printer, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine is the formation of the current second-level market of the printing engine and printing machine in the field of laser printers. reason. In a laser printer, the role of the print controller is to communicate with the computer through an interface or network, receive the control and print information sent by the computer, and at the same time transmit the status of the printer to the computer, and the print engine will receive the received information under the control of the print controller. The printed content is transferred to the printing paper, so the performance and quality of the print controller and print engine affect the performance and quality of the entire printer, which is also an important reason for the performance differences among laser printers with the same engine on the market.

All print controllers are a fully functional computer, which basically includes four basic functional modules: communication interface, processor, memory and control interface. Responsible for data communication with the computer, the memory is used to store the received printing information and explain the generated bitmap image information, the control interface is responsible for the control of the laser scanner in the engine, the control of the motor and other components and the input and output information control of the printer panel, and The processor is the core of the controller, all data communication, image interpretation and engine control work is done by the processor. Since the control methods and control languages ​​of the IC automatic laser marking machine used by each printer are different, the configuration and performance requirements of the print controller are also different. For example, printers using PCL and Postscript languages, due to the standard The page description language is used to transmit the printing information. In the printer, the printing information received from the computer described in the standard language should be interpreted into the raster bitmap image information that the printing engine can receive. The performance and memory size of the printing controller will directly affect the printing information. It has an impact on the performance of the entire printer, so such printers place very high demands on the speed and memory size of the processor in the print controller. During the working process, the raster bitmap image data in the printing controller is converted into the laser beam information of the laser scanner, and the photosensitive drum is charged through the reflective prism, and the photosensitive drum surface forms an image that is exactly the same as the printed image represented by positive charges information, and then absorb the toner particles in the toner cartridge to form a toner image on the surface of the photosensitive drum, while the printing paper is filled with negative charges by a charging unit before it comes into contact with the photosensitive drum. When the printing paper passes through the photosensitive drum, due to The positive and negative charges attract each other, and the toner image of the photosensitive drum is transferred to the printing paper. After being heated by the thermal transfer unit, the toner particles are completely adsorbed on the paper fibers, forming a printed image.

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