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Recently, some netizens asked how to set the depth of the font printed by the laser marking machine. In fact, the setting of the font depth of the laser marking machine has a lot to do with the power of the laser, so Under normal circumstances, it is not realistic for the laser marking machine to set the depth on the font, but we can use other methods to realize the setting of the font depth of the laser marking machine, let's take a look at it together. 1. First, we enter the laser marking machine software, and then add the text we need to mark. 2. Next, we select the text we just added, and then click the fill function on this text, we select the "bow" shape to fill, and confirm to save. 3. Next, we set the power of the laser. We set the power of the laser to 100%, the speed to 100, or even lower, and the frequency to 50. The higher the percentage of the power setting, the greater the output power, the slower the speed, the more uniform the laser spot, and the higher the frequency, the denser the laser spots will be. 4. Next, we will enter the bottom of the laser marking machine, where we can see that there is a "continuous processing" and we will check it. In this way, the depth of laser marking can be deeper, and continuous processing must be stopped by pressing the ESC exit button on the keyboard. That is to say, when we type this text, we hope to type the title, and we keep typing this text repeatedly, so we can achieve higher depth. It is worth noting that we can also specify the number of repetitions to reach the standard. If we can reach the depth we need after knowing how many times we hit, we can modify the power on the right side of the laser marking machine software, select Our processing item here defaults to 1, 1 means no repeated marking, changing it to 2 or more means repeating marking more times. Another point is the depth setting of the laser marking machine font. This is mainly related to the material we are engraving. If the material we are currently engraving is not well absorbed by our laser, it is very likely to be printed. The effect is not so good, even if you adjust it or use a higher power laser, it will not have a good effect, so when using different workpiece materials, you need to know whether the material can be lasered by our laser absorb. In addition, when the power of the laser marking machine itself is insufficient, it is difficult to adjust the depth of our font engraving to be deeper, so when we buy a laser marking machine, we can choose a higher power laser to avoid Labeled power loss and post work requirements.

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