How to adjust the font of laser marking machine is not clear


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

When many people use the laser marking machine, the typeface is not clear enough. How should we adjust it at this time. What is the reason that the handwriting of the laser marking machine is not clear. Next, let's analyze in detail the various situations in which the fonts on the computer typed tonight are not clear. 1. Insufficient power: During the use of the laser marking machine, if the power does not meet our pre-standard, the fonts that meet the standard may not be clear enough. We can first adjust the power of the marking machine to 100. Adjust the speed to 300. In this way, the problem of unclear typing of the marking machine can be solved. If this problem cannot be solved, it means that the power of the laser marking machine is not ideal for the use of our workpieces, and our laser can be replaced. 2. Too fast speed: First of all, we understand a truth, the faster the speed of the laser marking machine, the less clear the marking will be. If you are a high-power laser marking machine, you can ignore this. We can set the speed of the laser marking machine to 300~600, and then adjust it with the power. This can solve the problem that the font of the marking machine is not clear. 3. The material of the workpiece: first of all, we need to know which type of laser marking machine our laser marking machine is. Our laser marking machine can be divided into fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser, and ultraviolet laser Marking machine, we take the fiber laser marking machine as an example, the fiber laser marking machine is mainly aimed at metal workpieces and some non-metal workpieces, we need to adjust the power and speed of our marking machine according to different materials, so that we can Play the effect we want on different workpieces. 4. The font is not filled: If the font is not filled, it may cause the effect of the font to be not clear enough, so we generally need to fill these fonts. After selecting the font, open the fill tool of our H logo , and then select ICBC Fill to fill our font. This will have a good font effect. The above is the basic situation and solution of the unclear font of the laser marking machine that we have analyzed with you. In the process of using it, more tests and adjustments are required to achieve a better marking effect. The settings of the laser marking machine and some The application of gadgets is very critical. The power and speed adjustment of the laser marking machine is very critical, we must master the power and speed adjustment method of the laser marking machine.

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