How to adjust the font thickness of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

How to adjust the font thickness of the laser marking machine, in fact, there are several ways to change the font of our laser marking machine, let’s take a look at how to adjust the font thickness of the laser marking machine, there are three methods, hope Can help everyone. 1. Change the appropriate font: first select the text, then find the text font on the left side of the software, you can choose our single-line font, or download the font we need from the Internet and import it to the computer, then you can change our font thickness , for example, Microsoft Helvetica is bold. There are many fonts available for us to download on the Internet, but some fonts need to be authorized during the use process, please pay attention not to infringe the copyright during the use process. 2. Change the font setting: There is an F icon on the side of the software, click on it to enter the font setting window, check bold in it to make the font bolder, and then click Save. The disadvantage of this method is that the font can only be slightly bolded during use, which is the same as the acceleration tool in our document tool. 3. Text in vector graphics: We can make vector graphics with the thickness fonts we need, then import them into laser marking machines, and then go to engrave. In this way, we can type our bold or thin font. There are many tools for making vector graphics, we can use adobe illustrator, corel draw, inkscape, Xara Xtreme. Among them Adobe Illustrator. The above three methods can realize the font adjustment of the laser marking machine. In fact, we can also use these three methods together to achieve better results.

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