Laser marking machine for marking stationery


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Many users are using laser marking machines to laser engrave stationery. According to different materials, they are generally divided into two types, one is fiber laser marking machine, and the other is carbon dioxide laser marking machine. The most cost-effective one is fiber laser. marking machine. Let's introduce which stationery can be marked by fiber laser marking machine. Pencil, this is the most common stationery, the effect of the pencil produced by the fiber laser marking machine is also very good, it can be marked in batches or individually. After we edit the text directly, we can carry out Marking, up to 15 to 20 pens can be played. In addition, other pens are also available, mainly depending on the material. 2. Rulers and ruler markings are also very common. You can customize the text on them, and you can also mark the scales on them to meet the different needs of users. There are also many ruler styles, which are suitable for users' DIY. Pens are something that students usually choose carefully. A good-looking pen will even be given to friends as a gift. Use a laser marking machine to engrave customized text or patterns on the surface of the metal pen, which can attract students to buy. want. For the company, a series of information such as the company's LOGO, slogan, QR code, etc. can be engraved on the pen for commercial promotion. Scale is needed for students to draw pictures and do questions. Scale is not only used in school, but also as an important measurement tool, involving all aspects of work and life. It can not only meet the experimental needs of physics, chemistry, and medicine, but also the building capacity It is an indispensable working tool in making clothes for the earth and creatures. The laser marking machine is far more than that. The machine can use different application scenarios on different materials, such as serial numbers, production dates, patterns and so on.

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