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In many cases, the things printed by our laser marking machine are not obvious. What is the reason for this? In fact, there are many reasons why the laser planes are obvious during use. For example, the power of our laser, our focal length, and our materials may cause the printing to be less obvious. Next, we will analyze the reason why the laser marking machine is not obvious, and how to solve it. The printed things are not obvious, we can check the focal length of the laser marking machine first. First test whether the focal length we shot is within the normal range. General furniture is provided by the manufacturer in advance. Just adjust the focal length to the appropriate range. The power adjustment of the laser marking machine. Let's first see if the power of our marking machine is too low. It can be adjusted from low power to high power. Or if it still doesn't work, check whether the laser marking machine's service life has come and the power has dropped. Adjust our marking speed. The marking speed can be adjusted to be lower. Because the lower the marking speed, the clearer it will be during the scanning process. That is to say, the heating range of the laser is larger. It is not obvious to adjust the parameters of our laser marking machine in combination with marking speed and marking power. This can basically solve the problem that the things printed by the laser marking machine are not obvious enough. Another problem is that the materials we use are not suitable for our current laser marking machines. For example, we use fiber laser marking machines, which we use to mark ceramic materials. At this time, you will find it difficult to hit. So we have to replace the corresponding laser marking machine. Fiber laser marking machines are mainly made of metal materials and some non-metal materials. Carbon dioxide laser marking machines are mainly suitable for non-metallic materials. So we have to figure out this problem first, whether this material is suitable or not, we will process it with a laser marking machine. The above has analyzed the solutions and some problems that are not obvious when the laser marking machine prints. The main reason is the problem of the problem material itself in the software setting. There is a problem with considering the end of life of the laser. I need to replace the laser. The above are some reasons and solutions for the laser marking machine we introduced to you, which are not obvious. Hope we can help you. We can provide you with online services for more after-sales questions.

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