How to change the laser marking machine if it is wrong


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

There are many people who make mistakes when using the laser marking machine. It is very difficult to change the wrong font or pattern at this time, so is there any way to erase the wrong word? In fact, it is still There are ways to change it, let’s take a look at how to change it if the marking machine makes a mistake. For example, if we typed the wrong text, we can draw a rectangle on the surface of the workpiece, and then we fill the rectangle. After filling, we place the rectangle at the position we need to cover, and then we choose continuous engraving at this time, we can Remove some of the surface. Then type our correct text. In fact, this method is basically not very good. This method is more suitable for small workpieces. We can cover the surface of small workpieces as a whole. However, the large area is completely covered, so it is reasonable to say that the product workpiece after modification is not so beautiful. Secondly, the function of the laser marking machine itself is to have anti-counterfeiting functions. When we choose to print a product, it is difficult to change and erase it. If it is easily removed like this, others who fake it can also easily remove it. Therefore, when we use the marking machine, we must first mark the sample, test the effect first, and then mark the complete product surface, so as to ensure that the product is safe and secure. We also advise everyone if it is engraved wrong. One product can be reserved as a qualified sample for the second repeated use, or repeated use for multiple standard tests. The above is a tutorial on how to modify the wrong laser cutting machine. I believe you have a certain understanding of this method. I hope our answers can also help you.

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