Horizontal to vertical laser marking machine


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Many times when the laser marking machine is typing, there will be a problem, that is, the marking direction changes, that is, the laser marking machine we mentioned above changes from horizontal to vertical, how to solve this problem, Next, we will tell you the solution of laser printing from horizontal to vertical. 1. Open the laser marking machine software, and then enter the parameter setting project, we can see that there are X-axis and Y-axis in it. 2. Then we see that the vibrating mirror 1 = X, and the vibrating mirror 2 = X. At this time, we have to choose according to the actual situation. If we are vertical now, the vibrating mirror 1 = X, we now set the vibrating mirror 2 = X Select it and click OK. At this time, our arrow keys return to normal. In another case, we can place the workpiece horizontally, and we can also realize the operation of changing vertically to horizontally. This method is a physical change, but we still choose the first method because it is inconvenient. Laser marking machine is a relatively sophisticated equipment. In the process of using it, if we don’t know how to operate it, we try not to change its parameters. The above problems are basically caused by reset or parameters. As a result of modification, in this case, if we really don’t know how to operate, we can consult the laser marking machine manufacturer, and then make changes. In many cases, we have set it up when we leave the factory, and there is no need to perform other operations. The above is the solution to the problem of changing the laser marking machine from horizontal to vertical and the cause of the problem we introduced to you. I hope it can help you solve the problem. When we use the industrial computer, try not to use the computer to connect to the network, because the software on the Internet may make the laser printer software incompatible. We need to pay attention to the fact that the parameters have changed, or the software cannot enter. For more tutorials, you can pay attention to the official website of Correct Pack Laser. We have a wealth of knowledge and tutorials for you to learn and solve problems. Like now, you can definitely find solutions to your own problems.

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