How to adjust the font direction of laser marking machine


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How to adjust the font direction of the laser marking machine is a very simple operation. There are two methods to operate, one method can be adjusted to any angle of the font direction, and the other method can be adjusted horizontally or vertically. Let's take a look at the specific adjustment method. 1. Any direction of the font. First we open the Draw Text tool. At this time we enter the text we want. Then select the object we want to edit in the object list, which is the text we just added. After selecting, we will find that a 9 dots appear to surround this text. At this time, we click the left mouse button on the text. At this time, the point becomes a circle-shaped arrow. We can click on these 4 corners. Don't let go of the mouse after clicking the bet. Then drag in the desired direction. In this way, our text can be rotated 360 degrees. That is, the direction of 360 degrees. 2. After creating a new text. Click the F icon below the text. This will bring up a font window. We can see that this font window has bold and italic settings, as well as the arrangement direction. What we need to use is the arrangement direction, one horizontal and one vertical. This level is our current direction. Vertical is the font, vertical. Then click Apply OK. There is also a fool-like method, which is to wrap the text above the text. Just click on the newline after the first word. Then click Newline after the second word. Then click Apply. This will allow you to adjust to your own orientation. The above two methods can adjust the direction of the font. can be used in conjunction with each other. The above is the tutorial for adjusting the font direction of the laser marking machine we introduced to you. It is a very simple operation to adjust the amount and font direction. It is also very simple in operation and not complicated. You can adjust it to the effect you want after a few more skilled operations. This concludes this tutorial. If this tutorial has helped you, please click the like button below to encourage us. For more tutorials, you can visit our official website. Our official website has many tutorials on laser marking machines for your reference.

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