How to delete text on laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

In the process of using the laser marking machine software, there may be wrong or redundant objects. We can change the wrong objects, but how to delete the parts we need to delete. Let’s teach you how to delete them. How to delete text on the standard machine. First of all, we need to understand a concept. Any text we add independently, or text, or pictures, vector graphics, or even fills, will have a separate object list after we create it. That is to say, this object list is It represents the operation we added or the image or filling. We can understand that as long as we delete this object, we will delete the text. Now that we have figured it out in the garden, let's see how to operate it. 1. The addition of the object list, that is, there is an object list window on the upper left of our software. At this time, we select any object, and at the same time select the object text we added in the work area. When we select it, it will There won't be any delete-related buttons, so we will use the delete key on the keyboard, which is also our delete button. After selecting, click the delete button to delete our object. We mentioned above that this object can be a text image or even a fill. Click it to delete. 2. Any text or picture in the work area we selected can be deleted by clicking delete in the same way. We can use this delete key to delete any operation. In fact, our laser marking machine can perfectly adapt to various shortcut keys in the computer. We only need to use these shortcut keys to operate it, and can also realize copy, paste, delete, or select various functions, so our laser marking machine The software is a very user-friendly software, and it is very simple to use. The Delete button is also used as a delete button in the use of other software or computers. There are also F1 and F2 buttons. In our laser marking machine, it is defined as the Hongguang start and laser marking buttons. Sometimes we want to exit We don't know which button, we can press Esc on the keyboard, this case is what we call the button, we can realize F1 red light preview to exit, or F2 marking to realize exit. The above is how we explain to you how to delete text on the laser marking machine, as well as some accompanying keyboard key knowledge. I hope it can help you understand the operation of the laser marking machine software.

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