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Laser marking machines are mostly used to make patterned logos. At present, many people do not know how to use laser marking machines to make logo patterns. In fact, laser marking machine software has limitations and is not suitable for direct logo making. Pattern, at this time we can use other platforms or software to generate the logo. 1. Baidu search "logo online design" and we design a logo we like online from one of the platforms, and then save it as a vector file or bitmap. 2. You can use CorelDRAW to draw your own logo according to your needs, and then export it as a vector file format and import it into the laser marking machine software. 3. You can use a free Logo design software (EximiousSoft Logo Designer) to design the logo you need foolishly, design according to the materials provided in the software, and then export png. Finally, use the "Vector Magic" tool to convert it into a vector file. 4. If we have our own logo and trademark pictures, we can use the "Vector Magic" tool to convert them into vector files with one click. Then save it in ai format and import it to the laser marking machine software. Tip: Why do you want to turn ordinary pictures into vector graphics? Ordinary pictures are made up of pixels (that is, made up of various squares), which become distorted and blurred after zooming in. Vector graphics are composed of curves and lines, which can be infinitely enlarged without distortion. The engraving speed of using vector icons in the marking machine software is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary pictures. The above four methods are how to make a logo pattern for a laser marking machine. They are basically fool-like operations, but the use of the design software CorelDRAW requires a certain professional knowledge base. You can find logo design services online, and you can get it done for a few dollars. The main thing you need is that someone else must provide the vector file.

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