How to expand the marking range of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

In the process of using the laser marking machine, there will be some problems. For example, we need to print large-format products, and finally find that the laser marking machine cannot print so large. What should I do? In fact, at this time, it is necessary to replace a small piece of hardware to solve the problem. Let's see how the laser marking machine can expand the marking range. What needs to be replaced is the field lens, which is also called the flat-field focusing lens, scanning lens, and F-θ mirror. It is an essential accessory for laser marking machine equipment. The field lens is to reflect and focus the laser beam so that the laser can hit the appropriate position. The field lens configured by the laser equipment produced by Foshan Fulan Laser mainly includes 70×70, 110×110, 170×170, 220×220, 300×300, etc. according to the marking range; according to the wavelength: 1064nm field lens ( Fiber field mirror), 10.6um field mirror (CO2 field mirror), 532nm field mirror (green light field mirror), 355nm field mirror (ultraviolet field mirror). What is the function of laser marking airport mirrors? The laser marking field mirror improves the ability of the edge beam to enter the detector; it can also make the non-uniform illumination on the photosensitive surface of the detector uniform; in the same main optical system, the additional field mirror will reduce the area of ​​the detector; if Using the same detector area, the field of view can be expanded and the incident flux can be increased. So, if the laser marking machine wants to expand the marking range, it needs to replace the field lens. It is worth noting that you cannot fully pursue the large field lens when purchasing, because the larger the format of the field lens, the greater the focal length and working distance of the corresponding field lens. The longer the focal length, the larger the focused spot of the laser will be. If the focus is not fine enough, the distortion will increase, which will lead to shallow marking depth and thick lines, which is not conducive to precision processing. The choice of the field lens is determined according to the configuration of your laser marking equipment. For example, for a 20W fiber laser marking machine, it is recommended that the field lens should not exceed 170×170mm. The larger the lens of the laser, the greater the consumption of the laser. If it is too large, the quality of the beam will be poor, and the marking effect will decrease accordingly. Too large is not conducive to the performance of the laser. How to expand the marking range of the laser marking machine, the above is our answer for everyone, the marking machine needs to replace the field lens to expand the range, but the focal length of the field lens and the greater the working distance will cause the marking depth to be very shallow and the lines to be blurred thick. At this time, it is necessary to cooperate with a larger power field lens to complete the expansion of the marking range.

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