How does the laser marking machine print horizontally


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

How to make a laser marking machine horizontally? In fact, horizontally is very simple. This depends on how we define its horizontal direction. There are physical horizontally and software-adjusted horizontally. Let’s analyze a few In this case, the method of horizontal folding, pressing and adjustment. 1. Physically print horizontally: it is to change the direction of our workpiece. In this case, it becomes horizontal. This method is easy to understand and does not require any operation on the software. I believe most people can figure out this method. 2. Adjustment on the software and horizontal printing: first, we enter the ez CAD marking machine software, and then click on the parameter or directly press F3 on the keyboard to enter the parameter setting window. Next, we can see the area in the parameter window, and there are normal -1=X or positive -2=X, if we are currently sedating 1=X, then we will directly switch Zheng Jing 2=X. In this way, horizontal play in space can be realized. 3. Rotate the direction of the software font or pattern to print horizontally: first we select the pattern or text to be printed, and then continue to click with the left button of the mouse, and then many arrows will appear around the font, we only need to drag these arrows , to change the direction of the font, so that it can be printed horizontally. In fact, it is easy to understand, we are now horizontal, we only need to adjust the direction of the word or pattern to vertical. The above three methods are the tutorials on how to print horizontally with laser printers. I hope they can help you solve some problems with laser marking machines. For more tutorials, please pay attention to our website.

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