How to mark the diameter of the laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Some netizens asked how to make diameter symbols on laser marking machines. In fact, there are many ways to make special symbols on laser marking machines, and they are also very simple. Let me tell you how to make diameter symbols and some special symbols when flying an airplane tonight. Method 1. We can use a search engine to search for the diameter symbol on the Internet and then copy it, select the drawing text tool in the marking machine, paste it in the input box, and click Apply. You can also copy "Φ" directly in this article. Method 2. We can first press and hold the Ait key on the keyboard, and then use the small keyboard on the keyboard to input 42677. At this time, we release the Atl key and the diameter symbol will appear. Method 3. Find the complete collection of symbols in the input method. Let's take Sogou input method as an example. There is a keyboard next to the Sogou input method, which is the symbol collection. We click on it to find the mathematical unit, which contains various special symbols we want. The above are some tutorials on how to print the diameter symbol on the laser marking machine, but occasionally there will be a problem of garbled characters during use. This is because our current font does not display this symbol, so it will If garbled characters appear, we can replace this font with a suitable font, such as Arial Hei, which can easily display special symbols. The above are some methods of how to print diameter symbols and special symbols on the laser marking machine we introduced to you. We generally recommend that you use the third method or the first method directly because some keyboards in the second method are also uncomfortable. The matching situation The laser marking machine software may also be incompatible. If you can read this article, you can also copy this special symbol directly from method one. The large diameter method introduced above hopes to help you solve the problem. For more questions, you can pay attention to our Correct Pack laser official website. We have a lot of tutorials and problem solving methods for your reference.

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