How to print white characters on laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The laser marking machine can also print color, you need to use a mopa laser, you can also print black, you can use our ordinary fiber laser marking machine, but if you want to print white, you also need to distinguish the material, many pvc, pp materials, and There are metal materials, all of which can be printed in white. The question I want to talk about today is how to print white characters with a laser marking machine, and get to the point. Stainless steel is the standard for white marking. At this time, you only need to modify the parameters on the software interface. We set the marking power to 50 and the marking speed to 1500, so that white can be printed on the stainless steel. If the effect is not obvious, we It is necessary to reduce the speed appropriately. On the PVC material, the speed can be set to 600, and then the power can be set to 10, so that white text can be printed on the plastic material. Aluminum, this can be set at will, without too much adjustment, you can print white text, in front of this material, you can’t print other colors with fiber laser marking machine, but you can use mopa laser marking The marking machine prints in color. Based on the above, the laser marking machine can print white characters. You only need to set the corresponding parameters to print the desired characters.

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