How to adjust the position of laser marking machine


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We usually talk about the correct position of the laser marking machine. In fact, it is what we call the focal length. The laser grinding machine itself has adjusted the focal length when it leaves the factory. In some special cases, the correct position may not be found. The following We teach everyone how to position a financial typewriter. 1. Open the laser edger software, we can type any text in the center of the software to fill it. 2. Then we will use the continuous processing of the laser marking machine, we check this continuous processing. 3. Then change the speed of the marking machine to 100 and the power to 100. 4. Next, we will find a piece of stainless steel or iron, and directly punch it out on the laser punching machine. 5. Then we slowly shake the upright rocker of the laser marking machine until the laser of the marking machine emits a piercing sound and the light is the strongest. Repeat the test several times, so that we can find the laser marking machine. The focal length is off. The steps mentioned above are the tutorials on the position of our laser marking machine. This method is our most traditional. Generally, when our laser marking machine leaves the factory, we will give you a correct scale, and we can adjust this scale. . Under normal circumstances, we only need to measure the thickness of the workpiece marked by our laser marking machine. Then the offset to the correct focal length plus the thickness of the workpiece is the correct focal length. In addition, we can be equipped with a shock lens with red light. We use the shock mirror with red light positioning to perform positioning. At this time, we don’t need to look at our actual scale. As long as our positioning red light is on a point, it is correct. The focal length of the laser is longer, so the position of the laser printer is very simple. Under normal circumstances, we don't need to repeat it at all. If the stainless steel material is marked black, we usually adjust the laser marking machine to the correct focal length and then increase the distance by 2~3 mm, and then change the speed to 300~500. Power changed to 80. In this way, black fonts can be printed on the stainless steel material.

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