Laser marking machine how to delete filling tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

I hope that the machine filling function is one of our most commonly used functions. Whether the printed effect is good or not depends on this filling function in many cases, because our imported or edited fonts are all hollow. In a practical sense, this filling function means turning our hollow text data into solid ones. Below we will teach you how to delete the filling tutorial. 1. Right-click the text, and our text will be selected at this time. After selection, your park icon is the filling function, which has changed from gray to red. 2. Click the fill function icon on the top, there will be a delete fill in the fill window, we only need to click this delete to delete our fill. The above is what we introduced to you. I hope to open the tutorial of deleting filling in this software. From the above, we can see that deleting filling is very simple. In addition, if you select our text fill, you can also click the text to be deleted in the object list, and then click our fill button, there will still be three filling steps in the same place. The above is the laser marking machine we are introducing to you, how to delete the filling tutorial, I hope it can help you understand some basic problems of laser marking machine filling and deleting filling.

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