The use of laser marking machines in the screw industry


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The application of laser marking machine in the screw industry, as the name suggests, screws are metal products. Its special appearance texture and hardness bring great difficulties, and it is difficult to mark with ordinary machines. Since laser marking processing is a non-contact processing method, it uses a high-energy-density laser beam for processing, and also uses the current computer software control system, which has a high degree of automation and intelligence. Especially with the advent of the laser fiber era, laser marking technology has also entered the current era of fiber optic marking. The current fiber laser marking machine not only has a high photoelectric conversion effect, but also has a high-quality laser beam. In the process of processing, it has the advantages of fast speed, smooth incision, small deformation, no mechanical effect, no burr, high processing accuracy, good repeat positioning, no damage to the surface of the processed material, no marking of any graphics, and mass production, etc. The production efficiency and economic benefits of the factory. The marking control system of the (spiral) laser marking machine is simple and practical. The special control software is compatible with AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PS image processing software and other software to output prompts to meet various pictures and texts. The laser marking machine has high beam quality, good light shape, stable optical power, high cost performance, low data cost and stable function. The equipment adopts the most advanced technical accessories, and the functions are fast and stable. With its superior functions and reliable quality, it has won the trust of the majority of users. The equipment is also suitable for the following materials and industries: various metals, alloys and oxides, ABS, epoxy resin, ink, IC, ceramics and other materials are used in auto parts, hardware, daily necessities, electric melting, ceramics, environmental protection materials, Electronic components, integrated circuits, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. , mobile phone case, etc. This machine is economical and affordable. 20W fiber laser marking machine is enough for general logo, text, etc.

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