Laser marking machine IPG temperature is too high


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There are a lot of people who use the laser marking machine to have a reminder that the IPg temperature is too high, but the machine has not been running for a long time, and the software reminds that the temperature is too high. It is reasonable to say that this problem is not caused by too high temperature. How to solve this problem? What caused it, let's analyze the problems of IPg and high temperature one by one. The IPG temperature of the laser marking machine is too high. Due to the operating environment and weather of the machine, the heat dissipation effect of the laser is not good, and the internal temperature rises to a certain extent, resulting in the machine not operating normally, and the laser typewriter IPG temperature is too high on the software. , the solution is to stop the machine from running, and then maintain ventilation and good usage habits in normal times. It is best to let the machine work in a low temperature environment, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 50 degrees. The damage of the laser control card leads to the warning that the IPG temperature of the laser marking machine is too high. In fact, many laser marking machines use second-hand control cards or pirated laser control cards when they leave the factory, which leads to a certain degree of damage to the control card of the laser marking machine. In the event of damage, there will be various warnings, and there may be mechanical failure in advance or the temperature of the question-type IPG may be too high. So we can consider from this aspect whether the laser control card is damaged. Another problem is that the laser of the laser marking machine is damaged. After the damage occurs, the heat dissipation is uneven, or the data transmission is disordered, and the above reminder will also appear. So we can also consider whether it is the damage of the laser. From the above conclusions, we can conclude that there are three kinds of problems that the IPG temperature of the laser marking machine is too high. One is that the real temperature of the laser marking machine is too high. This is If it is determined by the external environment, it can generally be solved by solving environmental problems. The second type is the damage of the control card, which causes the problem of overheating and various reminders. We suggest replacing the control card. The third problem is that the laser is actually damaged. Due to the high cost of the laser, we can choose to use maintenance to solve the problem of excessive laser temperature. Above Correct Pack Laser analyzed the causes and solutions of laser marking machine IP and overheating with you, hoping to help you solve problems caused by various factors. For more information, please pay attention to our official information.

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