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The laser of the laser marking machine is the core accessory of the laser marking machine. This is as important as the processor of the mobile phone. Let's analyze the types of the laser marking machine and its function. 1. Fiber laser, the fiber is a glass solid fiber drawn from SiO2 as the matrix material, and its light guiding principle is to use the principle of total reflection of light, that is, when the light is incident at an angle greater than the critical angle from an optically dense medium with a large refractive index to the In the case of an optically sparse medium with a small refractive index, total reflection will occur, and all the incident light will be reflected to the optically dense medium with a large refractive index, and no light will pass through the optically sparse medium with a small refractive index. Ordinary bare optical fiber generally consists of a central high-refractive-index glass core, a middle low-refractive-index silica glass cladding, and an outermost reinforced resin coating. Optical fibers can be divided into single-mode optical fibers and multi-mode optical fibers according to the propagation light wave mode. The core diameter of single-mode fiber is small, and only one mode of light can be transmitted, and its inter-mode dispersion is small. The core diameter of multimode fiber is relatively thick, and it can transmit light in multiple modes, but its intermodal dispersion is relatively large. According to the distribution of refractive index, it can be divided into step index (SI) fiber and graded index (GI) fiber. Fiber lasers have a wide range of applications, including laser optical fiber communication, laser space long-distance communication, industrial shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, laser engraving, laser marking, laser cutting, printing rollers, metal and non-metal drilling/cutting/welding (brazing, quenching, etc.) Water, cladding and deep welding), military defense security, medical equipment, large-scale infrastructure, as a pump source for other lasers, etc. 2. Carbon dioxide laser, carbon dioxide laser is a kind of molecular laser. The main substance is the carbon dioxide molecule. It can manifest a variety of energy states depending on the form of its vibration and rotation. The basic energy grid is shown in Figure 1. The mixed gas in carbon dioxide is a plasma formed by a low pressure gas (usually 30-50 Torr) due to the release of electrons. In the plasma, molecules exhibit multiple excited states, as stated by the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution law. Some will assume a high energy state (00o1) which behaves as an asymmetric swing state. Such molecules also occasionally lose energy when colliding with hollow walls or naturally dissipating. By natural emission this high energy state will drop to a symmetrical swing state (10o0) and emit photons (a beam of wavelength 10.6 μm) that can travel in any direction. Occasionally, one of these photons will travel down the cavity along the optical axis and will also oscillate in the resonant mirror. 3. Ultraviolet lasers, including semiconductor-pumped all-solid-state ultraviolet lasers and semiconductor ultraviolet lasers, use original imported pump sources. The laser head comes with cooling and precise temperature control systems. The power supply comes with over-current and overheating protection functions. The ultraviolet laser has power Stability, simple operation, reliable performance, long service life, etc., this series of products include five series of high-energy UV lasers, high-power UV lasers, high-stability UV lasers, low-noise UV lasers, and single longitudinal mode UV lasers. Spatial output, fiber-coupled (single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, homogenized fiber) output. Above we have listed 3 types of lasers, and there are other lasers. We will not analyze them one by one here. We hope the above analysis can help you.

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