Daily faults and solutions of laser marking machine laser equipment


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Laser marking machine laser equipment daily faults and solutions Due to the following reasons, the start and end points of the closed line are not closed 1. The timing belt is too loose (tighten the timing belt) 2. The connection between the gear and the shaft is loose (retighten) 3. The X-axis guide rail and the Y-axis guide rail are not vertical (adjust the verticality of the X and Y-axis guide rails) 4. The gap between the slider and the guide rail is large (replace the slider) Laser marking machine laser equipment daily faults and solutions If you can't see clearly, there are multiple reasons and troubleshooting methods: 1. Incorrect vertical light (adjust vertical light and readjust light path if necessary) 2. Improper focus adjustment (refocus) 3. Unstable voltage, The lower voltage laser current is too small (replace a larger regulator, increase the laser current output) 4. The air outlet of the air nozzle is blocked by the splashed material (clean the air nozzle) 5. There is no protective gas (clean the air pump, air filter , Check the gas circulation path) 6. The mirror and focusing mirror have been polluted (clean the mirror with detergent and focusing mirror) 7. The power of the laser tube has dropped (replace the laser tube) 8. The light control module on the main board is faulty (replace the main board) 9. The potentiometer device, the potentiometer setting is too small or there is a fault (adjust the potentiometer setting or replace the potentiometer) 10. The energy setting in the software is too small (increase the energy) 11. Material problems (please choose the appropriate material) 12 . The focusing lens is broken or the focusing effect is not good (replace the focusing lens). 13. There is too much dirt in the laser tube and the cooling effect is poor (use pure water).

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