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Key points for laser marking machine maintenance. ① It is strictly forbidden to start the laser power supply and sound and light power supply when there is no water or the water circulation is abnormal. ② No-load operation of the acousto-optic power supply is not allowed (that is, the output terminal of the acousto-optic power supply is suspended).

③If any abnormal phenomenon occurs, first turn off the emergency stop switch, and then check. ④ It is not allowed to start other components before the krypton lamp is ignited, in order to prevent high voltage from entering and damaging the components. ⑤ Note that the output terminal (anode) of the laser power supply cannot be suspended in the air to prevent sparks and breakdowns with other electrical appliances.

⑥Keep the internal circulating water clean, clean the water tank regularly and replace it with deionized water or pure water. ⑦Keep the interior and machine surfaces clean and tidy. ⑧Regularly check whether there is dirt on each optical lens (the time limit depends on the working environment), if there is dirt, scrub it in an emergency, and the scrubbing method is as follows:.

When cleaning the lens, you must be very careful. Before cleaning the lens, please read the following precautions:. 1. What tools to take the lens, such as tweezers, etc., if possible, must wear finger cots or rubber gloves when handling the lens. 2. The lens should be placed on the lens paper to avoid damage.

3. Do not place the lenses on hard or rough surfaces, the lenses are easily scratched. 4. Do not clean and touch the surface of pure gold or pure copper. The first step.

Use an air balloon to blow off the floating objects on the surface of the lens. If the pollutants cannot be blown off, proceed to the second step. Note: Do not use factory compressed air, because it contains a lot of oil and water, which will form a harmful absorption film on the surface of the film. The second step.

Use acrylic laser marking machine ketone or ethanol (required to be analytically pure), fold the lens cleaning paper into a small square, clamp the lens cleaning paper between four fingers, hold the lens in one hand and the paper in the other hand and gently wipe it in the direction of the lens coating texture, If it is not clean, repeat the above actions (wipe once and change paper). Note: If this step cannot remove the dirt, it is recommended to replace the lens. ⑨The cleaning of the YAG rod is as in step 8 above, (before this step, you must be trained in the installation of the optical cavity before you can perform this step).

Notice:. 1. In any case, before turning on the power of the acousto-optic device, be sure to fully cool the acousto-optic device with water, otherwise it will burn out the acousto-optic device. 2. output must pass 50Ωcoaxial cable to acousto-optic device or 50Ω/60 watts of pure resistance load, otherwise the power amplifier tube will be heated due to reflected waves, causing the power amplifier tube to burn out.

3. The lower limit temperature is generally set at 20°C, but in order to prevent condensation due to excessive temperature difference, the working temperature is generally set according to the environment and humidity, such as the ambient temperature is 32°C, the lower limit temperature can be set at 28°C, and the upper limit temperature can be set at 35°C °C, if the ambient temperature is lower than 20 °C, the lower limit temperature should be set at 20 °C, generally not lower than the ambient temperature of 5 °C, otherwise condensation will cause the power of the laser to drop, and may cause destructive losses. 4. The wrong operation sequence will cause the laser not to work normally. 5. The casing of the marking machine must be reliably grounded, otherwise it may cause damage to the precision vibrating lens.

6. The positive and negative polarities of the power output are consistent with the positive and negative polarities of the krypton lamp. Wrong connection will cause serious damage to the krypton lamp, and may cause damage to the rod and the concentrator. 7. In the state of no laser, it is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily mobilize the reflector frame, otherwise, the laser may not be able to output laser light. 8. The joints at both ends of the connecting pipe must be strictly leak tested, otherwise the cooling system will not be able to cool.

Common faults and solutions. 1. Methods for troubleshooting the causes of abnormal phenomena. 1. The power indicator light is off, 1) AC220V is not connected properly, 2) the indicator light is broken, connect the power cord and replace it.

2. The protection indicator light is on and there is no RF output, 1) the internal overheating, the protection unit operates, 2) the external protection contact is disconnected, 3) the Q element does not match the driver, or the connection between the two is unreliable, causing excessive reflection and causing internal The protection unit operates, improve the heat dissipation conditions, check the external protection contact, measure the standing wave ratio, and consult our company. 3. The running indicator light is on, but there is no RF output. 1) The light control signal is always effective. 2) The position of the RUN/T-on/T-off selection switch is incorrect. Check the pulse of the light control signal and turn the switch to the correct position. 4. The graphics and text of the processing are disordered, and the effective level of light output is set incorrectly. Reset the effective level of light output.

5. The laser power that can be turned off is too small, 1) there is a problem with the Q switch element, 2) the output RF power is too small, check the Q switch, and adjust the output RF power. 6. The peak power of the laser pulse is too small, 1) the average laser power is too small, 2) there is a problem with the Q switch element, adjust the optical path, and check the Q switch element. IC automatic laser marking machine II. General common faults and treatment measures:.

1. The reason why the laser output power of the laser is weak for the new equipment that has not been used for a long time:. ①Whether the output power of the laser measured at the factory has reached the technical index. ②Whether the accuracy of resonant cavity adjustment meets the requirements.

③Whether there is light leakage on the full-reflection diaphragm. ④Whether the insertion loss of the acousto-optic switch is within the specified range. 2. After using for a period of time, the reason why the laser output power of the laser decreases:.

①Whether the laser resonator changes: Fine-tune the resonator lens to make the output spot the best. ②Whether there is any fouling on the total reverse and output diaphragm. The principle of fiber laser marking system.

Fiber laser has become a hot spot in laser physics research in recent years. It is unanimously considered to be a new generation of products that may completely replace solid-state lasers. Fiber laser refers to a laser that uses a rare earth-doped glass fiber as a gain medium. Fiber lasers can be used in fiber amplifiers. Developed on the basis of: under the action of pump light, it is easy to form high power density in the fiber, resulting in the laser energy level of the laser working material“population inversion”, when the positive feedback loop is properly added (to form a resonant cavity), the laser oscillation output can be formed. The fiber laser marking machine uses the laser beam to mark permanent marks on the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is through the evaporation of surface materials. Exposing the deep matter, or through the physical changes of the surface matter caused by light energy"carve"Traces, or burn off part of the material through light energy, showing the desired etched pattern, text, barcode and other graphics. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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