Laser marking machine maintenance and the benefits of using laser marking machines


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Laser marking machine maintenance. One, laser marking machine maintenance:. Laser marking machine maintenance generally includes daily maintenance, regular maintenance, regular mechanical inspection and precision inspection, equipment lubrication and cooling system maintenance are also an important part of equipment maintenance. Today I will share with you the maintenance of laser marking machines.

1. Every time you start the machine, check whether there is any sign of looseness in the waterway joints and whether there is water leakage. If there is water leakage, quickly press the emergency stop switch for maintenance. 2. Keep the internal circulating water clean, observe whether the circulating water deteriorates every half a month, change the water regularly according to the water quality, and replace the filter element. Press the red button on the water filter to discharge the air in the waterway system, and wait for the water flow to be normal. Gas mixed in the waterway will reduce the light transmittance of the water, affect the laser power, and reduce the water flow. Transparent hose When there are air bubbles in the tank or at the water return port of the water tank, check whether there is air leakage in the return water pipeline and whether the water level of the water tank is low. 3. Regularly remove the dust from the air filter. When there is too much dust, remove the filter, use an air spray gun, a water pipe, etc. to remove the dust from the filter. After cleaning, let the laser marking machine dry the filter before reinstalling it. Generally, it is cleaned once every 2-4 weeks. If the dirt is serious, it can be cleaned irregularly with a neutral detergent. Frequent cleaning of the air filter can prolong the life of the chiller and reduce the power consumption of the compressor.

4. Clean the radiator in time according to the concentration of floating dust in the place of use. The degree of dust accumulation on the radiator can be easily observed from the air intake side of the chassis. Second, precautions for daily use of laser marking machines. 1. Matters needing attention.

①The laser is an air-cooled laser, and the working environment (room temperature) temperature is required to be between 10°C and 35°C (25°C is the best). ② It is strictly forbidden to bend the optical fiber. If bending is required, ensure that the minimum diameter of the optical fiber bending circle is greater than 20 cm. ③ When any abnormal phenomenon occurs, first turn off the power of the laser and the vibrating mirror, and then check.

2. Routine maintenance. ① It is recommended to clean the lens before work every day. The equipment must be turned off. To clean the focusing lens, gently unscrew the focusing lens from the frame, bend the lens cleaning paper into several folds, wet it with cleaning solution, and use a wet Gently wipe the surface of the lens several times with a special lens paper until the surface of the lens is clean and there is no dust and oil on the surface of the lens. ② Regularly clean the dust on the surface and inside of the machine to ensure that the internal UV laser marking machine is clean.

③Common troubleshooting. A. It cannot be turned on. Check whether the power is turned on and check whether the air switch is turned on. B. Marking has no light, and the red light does not display. Check whether the laser control line on the USB board is loose, check whether the 24V switching power supply for the laser is normal, and check whether the cooling fan of the laser is working normally.

C. The air switch tripped, and the main circuit was damaged. D. The galvanometer does not move, or does not move in one direction. Check whether the XY status indicators of the galvanometer are normal, check whether the wiring of the galvanometer is loose, check whether the power supply of the oscillating switch is normal, and check whether the output signal of the oscillating mirror on the USB board is normal. Laser marking machine manufacturers explain that in our daily life, QR codes can be seen everywhere, such as Internet Alipay, WeChat QR codes, milk powder QR codes in food, etc. QR codes go deep into our lives, on the one hand, it is convenient for users to trace the source The flow of products, and serve the purpose of brand promotion, on the other hand, it is convenient for enterprises to control the flow of products to prevent the occurrence of cross-selling.

At present, the application of two-dimensional code in manufacturing information management system, product traceability and sales management in food and pharmaceutical industries, e-commerce and other industries has been very mature. Some traditional coding methods such as inkjet, thermal/thermal transfer printing, etc., have become more and more difficult to meet the application scenarios and functional requirements of two-dimensional codes. The emergence of laser marking machines has brought new challenges to the application of two-dimensional codes. Better experience and more possibilities. In the field of consumer electronics, especially in the field of smart phones, the market competition of smart phones is under great pressure. Whether you are an Apple, Samsung or Huawei mobile phone that cannot guarantee the quality of mobile phones for customers, the next one to fall may be They, therefore, all smartphone manufacturers strictly control the quality of products, ranging from electronic components to mobile phone casings, and use laser marking machines to mark them with QR codes to trace product quality. Laser marking belongs to non-contact processing, which will not cause other damage to the workpiece during the whole processing process, and there is no ink and other consumables, and will not produce any waste gas, waste water, and avoid pollution.

Two-dimensional codes can carry a large amount of information, which is the basis for product information traceability, but this means that each product can have its own unique two-dimensional code. The traditional two-dimensional code marking machine has low automation and low efficiency. With laser marking, one item, one code can be realized quickly. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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