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The principle is actually very simple. The flying laser marking machine combines itself and other equipment to complete a series of tasks. It can help him, such as the assembly line workbench. The working principle of this fully automatic workbench is very simple, but it works inside It is very effective, and it is not enough to have an assembly line workbench. It can bring things over but the machine does not know it, so a sensor is needed to sense the passing of the item, and then transmit it to the system to start marking. The assembly line is very fast and the laser itself is marked. The speed is already fast enough, and if it is adjusted to the flying mark mode, it can fully adapt to the speed of the assembly line workbench. We often say that laser equipment is easy to realize automation. This method is also semi-automated. If we add another arm robot to the assembly line, the speed will be faster. Of course, different auxiliary tools are used in conjunction with the product. If we say usb , you can use the vibrating plate completely, and the wine bottles can be carried out in an assembly line according to the production and marking, and the production date labeling and other markings can be completed in one step. The flying mark mode is not fixed in the data adjustment, nor is the position of the sensor fixed. It needs to be determined according to the product. For example, the same product is initially marked in the middle position, and later needs to be marked in the side position. Then It needs to move the sensor to realize it. The mark of the same product does not need to be too obvious at the beginning, but the laser marking machine needs to be more obvious later, so the power frequency may need to be adjusted, and even the speed of the conveyor belt needs to be adjusted accordingly.

After the parameters are adjusted, a continuous marking action can be completed. This marking speed is faster than manual marking. Due to the stability of the laser marking machine, the marking position is very accurate every time the sensor does not move. Position marking deviations may occur, and in the end, of course, labor costs are saved. One machine is equivalent to an assembly line, and labor costs can be imagined. We often say how much power and power the laser marking machine has, what is the difference between the power and the size, why do we need to buy a high-power laser marking machine, isn’t the low-power laser marking machine cheaper, the power is actually determined according to customer needs, Different needs use different power marking machines, just like different materials use different types of laser equipment. When consulting the marking machine, the merchant will know what material to use and what kind of effect it needs. When the effect is not confirmed at all, it is impossible to confirm what power laser marking machine to use for some special materials. Types of marking machines.

We can understand that the high-power beam will be stronger, and the marking depth on the product will be greater. For metal materials, we only need to know which metal material the customer is. The UV laser marking machine needs to print The power used can be judged by information such as the depth of the mark. For plastic materials, the judgment depends on the effect, because many plastic materials only need to engrave text patterns on the surface. Generally, 3W is enough for this kind of effect, and some materials are different. A 5W power purple laser marking machine may be used. At present, there are still femtosecond punching and so on. Of course, the purple light laser marking machine with a power of 5W or more is relatively used. Generally, 5W or purple light can be fully qualified for glass. , some transparent glass also has refraction, which will disperse part of the light beam. If the power is not enough for marking, it is difficult to produce the effect. The same is true for carbon dioxide. If the leather needs to be printed and cut, the power is not enough to meet the requirements. Wooden products can be engraved according to the requirements. Depth to confirm usage power. Therefore, choosing a laser marking machine is to meet the demand. If the low power cannot meet the demand, you can only choose high power. The beam of the high power marking machine will be stronger than the low power. There is a maximum power and a minimum power, just like a 5W purple laser marking machine, the minimum power can be adjusted to a few tenths of a watt, and the maximum power will not be higher than 5W. If the maximum power cannot meet the demand, then you can only change to a higher power For laser marking machines, if 1-2w can meet the demand, you can also use 5W. If you need a few tenths of IC full-automatic laser marking machine tiles for special products, it is recommended to use a low-power laser marking machine. This kind of precision The adjustment error will be smaller with low power. Since the error of domestic lasers will be higher than that of imported lasers, it is recommended to choose imported lasers for power adjustment when the effect is very high. The effect of the sample is more accurate. Of course, this is only for special needs. For material products, the general material requirements are high, and domestic lasers can generally meet the demand, and the price will also be greatly reduced. The difference between different power laser marking machines lies in the effect. It is not that high power can achieve good results, nor low power can not achieve the effect. It needs to be based on actual needs. Low power may have the use of low power, and high power has high power. According to the needs of marking, the power used can be judged according to the marking depth and material. If the degree of effect is required, it is also necessary to judge how much power laser marking machine needs to be used according to the effect. Generally, the effect needs to be confirmed by proofing, and the special needs need to see the effect. To judge what brand of laser to use, the second is that the higher the power of the laser marking machine, the more expensive the price. This is a conceivable fact. If low power can meet the demand, it is recommended not to consider high power. If some products can only use high Only the power can meet the demand, or you need to add products in the future. I don’t know if you will use a high-power machine. It is recommended to buy a high-power machine, because the power can be adjusted to the lowest power.

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