The marking depth of laser marking machine is different


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Sometimes the marks we print out have different shades, that is, there may be different shades at various angles in the upper left corner. What is the problem? Why does this happen? Let’s take a look at laser marking How to adjust the different shades. The workbench is not flat, the workbench and the vibrating lens are not on the same plane, and then the focal length deviates. We can find a level to measure the vibrating lens and the working surface. If it is not on the same plane, then the focal length has deviated. We twist the screw of the shock lens to make the lens level, and then adjust the 4 supporting feet under the workbench to adjust it to a plane. So the difference in the depth of the laser marking machine is caused by this reason. We just adjust the machine on the horizontal plane by the above method. Another possibility is that the format is too large. When I mark beyond the working format, there may be a problem of different applications. We can increase the power of the marking machine, or replace a higher power laser, so that we can Solve the problem. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the marking depth of the laser marking machine is different, which is caused by the above reasons. When we use the laser marking machine, we should not exceed the working area. Under normal circumstances, it is caused by the above problems. The net marking machine is a very precise instrument, and various details need to be paid attention to during use. Generally, if the accuracy requirement is relatively high, we need to make adjustments. Don't arbitrarily change the work of today's marking machine negatively. There are also various parameters. If you do not understand, you can consult the laser marking machine manufacturer you purchased.

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