What's the matter with the laser marking machine with only red light and no laser


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During the process of laser marking machine processing products, there will be some failures. Today we will talk about what is going on when the laser marking machine does not emit light. There are two situations in which the laser marking machine does not emit light. The first is the laser marking machine. The marking machine only has laser light but no red light. The second type is that the laser marking machine only emits red light without laser. In the first case, we have already described how to troubleshoot and solve problems in the previous article. What should I do if the marking machine does not emit red light? For reference, now we will focus on how to solve the second situation? What is the problem with the laser marking machine only having red light and no laser? 1. The laser marking machine only has red light and no laser Reasons: 1. The power module is broken, or the power supply is broken. There are many reasons for this type of problem. The laser module is not adjusted properly, which may cause no light, and the board and software are not debugged properly. 2. The laser type is not selected correctly, the main board, wiring board, power supply or control line connection, and the cooling water circulation system are caused by failure. 3. The internal parts of the laser are damaged and need to be inspected and replaced.

2. The laser marking machine only has red light and no laser. Simple processing methods: 1. Laser problem: When the laser power output is guaranteed to be no problem, use the oscilloscope to signal the laser to let the laser emit light. If there is no light, it means that the laser is broken; 2. 1. The problem of the vibrating mirror: the swinging position of the vibrating mirror is wrong, or the vibrating mirror is not powered on (use a meter to check whether the switching power supply is normal), or the vibrating mirror may be broken. In this case, please do not emit light all the time; 3. Marking card problem: measure the output laser terminal signal of the marking card to see if there is any voltage change. If not, it means that the marking card is broken; 4. Caused by improper operation: if there is a chiller equipment, if the chiller is not turned on , the laser will not be turned on, or the connector switch at the laser control point has been pulled out, please check carefully and patiently. To sum up, if you still can't solve the problem, it is recommended to ask the laser marking machine manufacturer to come to repair in time, which is time-saving and efficient, so as to avoid unnecessary machine damage.

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