Operation of laser marking machine and marking on silica gel


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Operation of the laser marking machine. 1. Turn on the machine. 1.1 The steps to start the laser marking machine are as follows:.

1.2 Check the power cord of the marking machine to make sure it is connected correctly and reliably. 1.3 Insert the key switch, turn clockwise 90°to“open”position, turn on the main power supply, and the power indicator light will be on. 1.4 Confirm that the laser head mushroom button (emergency stop switch) is in the pressed state.

1.5 Turn on the computer monitor, and turn on the main computer power switch. 1.6 Rotate the red mushroom button in the direction of the arrow until it pops up, then turn on the power of the laser head. After about 1 minute, the laser head starts up. 1.7 Take off the lens cover. At this point, the laser marking machine is turned on and can accept the operator's command for marking operations.

2. Marking operation. 2.1 Double-click the marking program icon to enter the program. 2.2 Select the marking file, double-click the date in the content, modify the time, click OK, and the modification is complete.

2.3 Marking test and printing position. 2.4 On the workbench or production line, place a test piece whose height is equal to that of the laser marking machine and the marking workpiece (it is best to choose the workpiece to be marked as the test piece), and confirm that the test piece is really stable. 2.5 Marking is carried out by operating the marking control software. In order to make the marking effect the best, the following steps can be adjusted:.

2.6 Adjust the focal length by adjusting the optical head lifting device. 2.7 Adjust the power, marking speed and other parameters in the marking software. 2.8 Enter the software, double-click to print the date, drag up and down with the mouse, and adjust the printing position to an appropriate position.

2.9 After completing the above steps, the printing test can be carried out. 2.10 After the test is correct, re-mark on the workpiece. 3. Shut down.

After the production task is completed, the operation steps to turn off the laser marking machine are as follows: 3.1 Press the red mushroom button (emergency stop switch) to cut off the power of the laser head. 3.1 After confirming that the industrial computer is not running any software, exit normally and shut down.

3.3 Turn the key switch 90o counterclockwise to“close”position, turn off the main power supply of the marking machine, and the power indicator light goes out. UV laser marking machine. 3.4 Pull out the key and have someone keep it for the next use.

3.5 Put on the lens cap. Silica gel is used in life and products, mainly organic silica gel, which can be used in electronic appliances, textiles, automobiles, machinery, medicine and medical industries. We have seen silica gel packaging boxes of different colors. His appearance There are product-related information, and a lot of this information is marked on by laser marking machines. According to the use of different laser marking machines and different colors of silicone products, the colors printed on the products are divided into three types, no color, black And white, respectively using a fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine and. The fiber laser marking machine is used on silica gel.

The pulse laser used in the fiber laser marking machine, the working principle of continuous marking and the physical and chemical reactions with the product, are generally used on black silica gel products, and the printed color is white, and other silica gel materials may have a black effect. It is also possible to reveal the undertone effect by knocking out the surface color. Application on silica gel. IC automatic laser marking machine.

The cold laser is used, which has little thermal reaction to the product. When used on silica gel, it will have physical and chemical reactions with the product. The color is generally black or the background color of the product, and it is widely used in products. Application of carbon dioxide laser marking machine on silica gel. The carbon dioxide laser used on silica gel is generally aimed at customers with special needs. It is mostly used on white silica gel products. Many of the fonts printed on the silica gel have no color, such as the type that is pressed down to form fonts. It is widely used on some special-needed products. .

Optical fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine can be added on the silica gel layer respectively, and the printed color shows the underlying color. This kind of marking requires engineers to call out various parameters of the laser marking machine according to factors such as the thickness of the added layer. . When choosing a product to be used on the silicone material, it is a better choice to make a sample first to see the effect, because the composition of the silicone of different products may be different, and the color effect may also be different, depending on the marking effect. Choosing a laser marking machine is a more reasonable choice. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266https://www.xmslaser.com/.

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