How to deal with the unstable operation of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

What are the consequences of an unstable laser marking machine: position deviation, blurred font color effects, different line widths, unclear marking, etc. What are the reasons for the misalignment of the position: Improper adjustment of the beam mirror, loosening of the slide rail screws of the worktable, jumping when moving, not necessarily consistent with the fixed size of the position, loose or too tight timing belt, will cause misalignment of the position. What is the cause of the blurred color of the laser marking machine: focal length movement, wrong distance between the product and the lens, parameter changes, too low power adjustment, and too fast marking speed? What are the reasons for the different line widths of laser marking machines: adjust the position of the beam expander, tighten the lens and vibrating mirror, adjust the marking parameter speed, check whether the current is stable, and clean the lens from dust? What is the reason for the unclear mark of the laser marking machine: the vibrating mirror is not adjusted to the proper position, the vibrating disc, beam expander, lens, etc. The dust and dirt need to be cleaned, the power of the marking machine is not adjusted in place, whether the power supply current is stable and working normally, the laser needs to be inflated or replaced with a new one. The laser marking machine will have different components according to the requirements of customers, and there may be some differences in the handling of problems. Please consult the supplier to solve some uncorresponding problems, do not operate by yourself, so as to avoid machine failure due to mistakes.

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