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In fact, the operation of the laser marking machine is very simple. Basically, as long as we can use the computer and type, we can easily use the laser marking machine. We can easily understand how the laser marking machine works without any programming experience. For the operation, let's tell you the operation tutorial of the laser marking machine. First of all, we need to understand the various tools and options of the laser marking machine. After entering the software, we can see the menu buttons of file editing, drawing modification, viewing special laser help in the menu bar. Each menu button corresponds to an independent function. For example, in the file, we can import files or pictures or vector files, or save files. In the editor we can copy and paste what we need. In the modification, we can deform the graphics we need. Check it to show our menu. After checking, it can be displayed on the left and right of our work area. In the special option, we can realize some special operation functions. The same is true in the laser. Then we look at various icons and we put the mouse on it. The literal meaning of various icons will be displayed. Let's take a look at the toolbar again. We can see that there are graphics selection tools, circle tools, polygon tools, text drawing tools, and tools such as importing vector files, importing ordinary bitmaps, and drawing QR codes. These tools are some of our commonly used tools. We can get familiar with him before we can effectively apply it. In addition, let's talk about a few important tools, that is, the filling tool. Whether the marking effect is good or not, this filling tool is very important, especially the line spacing in the filling window. We generally set it to 0.05 mm, and the smaller the setting is, the marking The slower the speed will be, but the deeper it will be. If the set value is larger, the marking gap will be larger and more blurred. This needs to match the power and speed settings of the marking machine. The power and speed settings of the marking machine are mainly set according to our materials to see what kind of effect we need. We can uncheck and use the default parameters. Generally, the speed is adjusted to 800 and the power is adjusted to 60. Well, this power is based on percentage. According to the above introduction, you may have little knowledge of this tutorial, so we have specially prepared a video demonstration for you to learn and refer to, so as to avoid your lack of understanding of this tutorial.

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