Detailed explanation of laser marking machine parameter settings


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Many companies are using laser marking machines. In the process of using laser marking machines, parameter settings are required. Many people don't quite understand how to set the parameters of laser marking machines. In fact, there are different settings according to different materials. Method, let's give you a detailed introduction to the parameter settings of the laser marking machine. 1. Speed: The speed of the laser marking machine is actually the response speed of the galvanometer. This is determined by the hardware performance of the galvanometer. Our general low-power laser marking machines will not be equipped with too fast galvanometers, because too fast High-quality lenses cannot achieve the desired effect when used on low-power laser marking machines. Let's take a 20-watt laser marking machine as an example, and we generally set the speed at 500 to 1500. 2. Power: The power refers to the actual power of the laser of our laser marking machine, which is displayed in percentage here. For example, our actual power is 20 watts. Here we adjust it to 50, and the actual power is 2/1. That is, the power is 10 watts. If we need to make plastics, we can set the power to 10~20 or 30. If we want to make stainless steel metal workpieces, we can adjust the power to 60~80. We do not recommend adjusting the power to full load. , because the laser marking machine also has losses, and the power will decline after five or six years, and the power can be increased appropriately at that time. 3. Frequency: This frequency actually refers to the frequency of the laser. Our adjustable frequency range is generally 20~50, and the default is 20. The higher the frequency, the denser the laser will be. The above is the setting of the three major parameters of the laser marking machine we introduced to you. The faster the speed of the laser marking machine, the less clear the marking effect will be. The higher the power, the deeper the marking will be. Generally, it is according to Speed ​​and power are used together. If you want to blacken stainless steel workpieces, we generally recommend that you adjust the power to 80 and the speed to 300, and then let the focal length deviate by 2~3mm. In this way, black fonts can be printed on stainless steel. If you are playing plastic, we generally recommend that you adjust the power to 10 and the speed to 1000 or 1500. Frequency We basically don't use it in non-special cases. Then the other parts are basically not that important. The three most important parameters are speed, power and frequency. Of course, we are talking about carbon dioxide laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines. Other laser marking machines may have current settings. , and even some band control, we will not give you detailed answers one by one here. The above is the detailed explanation of the laser printer parameter settings we introduced to you, hoping to help you better understand the setting methods of the laser marking machine and the characteristics of some parameters.

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