Parameter adjustment points of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

So how to debug the parameters of the laser marking machine? Many people may not know what the parameters are. Parameters are actually similar to pixels in our cameras. Then the higher the pixel, the sharper the photo. Then the higher the parameter here, the clearer the marking pattern will be, but the time will be shortened and the efficiency will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust an appropriate value. Generally, it is about 300 to 600 for debugging, for reference only. First of all, you need to determine what the parameter value is, and then you need to set the parameters of the photo, which is usually debugged in the photo settings. If it is normal, you need to set the inversion, and then expand. A series of effects of brightness versus shadow can be adjusted. If the point mode is controlled at 0.5, you may see two-way scanning of things, which is generally not encountered. We can also try to adjust the bid frequency parameter. The break frequency is the frequency of bidding within a certain period of time. Don't think these have nothing to do with parameters. We can use these methods to solve the pixel problem of parameters. Take a good look below. First of all, as far as the marking frequency is concerned, as long as the marking frequency is high, the laser spots will be denser. On the contrary, too, marking is a technical activity. Those who have studied it carefully will find that these numbers are composed of thousands of small dots under the microscope. The higher the frequency, the smoother the picture. Naturally, you'd think that this marker parameter is fine. Then, let's talk about the relationship between the speed of reaching the standard and the parameters. The marking speed is easily affected by parameters, so the subtle marking speed will also affect the marking parameters. If any of this is mysterious, consult a professional.

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