Laser marking machine parameter setting chart


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This tutorial will explain to you the parameter setting of the laser marking machine. There are three major places in the parameter setting of the laser marking machine. The first place is the setting of the system parameter workspace, and the second place is the setting of the configuration parameters, including the laser The control port, as well as the area, and the other is the laser speed and power setting, let's take a look at them one by one. Workspace settings: Click the screwdriver and wrench icon, the position is at the top of the software, the settings inside include regular color workspace automatic backup, mobile rotation plug-in management, user management and language settings, we enter the third item of workspace, check the display Working space, first let’s change the size, which is set according to the size and format of our marking machine, for example, the format of our marking machine is 110. The width of this size is 110 mm, and the height is also 110 mm, and then we look at the lower left corner. Let's change the bottom left X to -55. Change Y to -55. The calculation method for the lower left corner is to use 110÷2. Then add a minus sign in front. This completes the setup of the workspace. Configuration parameter settings: First, we see the area size, which is changed according to the size of our field lens. Our area size is 110, here we fill in 110, and then see the vibrating mirror 1=X or the vibrating mirror 2= X, this test method is that we first add a drawing text in the workspace, then click the red light to preview, and then check whether the text is shot horizontally or vertically. At this time, choose galvanometer 1=X or galvanometer 2=X according to the actual situation. Next, let’s look at the processing on the right and specify the location. It’s best to change this place to the center of the galvanometer, and then click Save at the bottom, or press the Enter key on the keyboard. Power and speed setting: Power and speed setting, on the right side of the software, remove the check, and use the default parameters. At this time, we can edit the parameters inside. We don’t care about the current ratio and the number of processing. , speed in brackets mm, this speed refers to our calm movement speed, under normal circumstances, we can change it to 800, this is to be adjusted according to the workpiece we mark, the faster the speed, the better the effect will be The worse it is, this is equivalent to the power of the marking machine. This power is a percentage. For example, the power is equal to 50, which means that if the power of our machine is 20 watts, when the power is equal to 50, the standard power of our machine is 10 watts. Generally set to 60~70. Frequency setting, we don't need to worry about it under normal circumstances. The above is the laser waxing machine explained to you. Set up several major elements. Under normal circumstances, we only need to change our default parameters, that is, our speed and power, because other parameters are before leaving the factory. The marking machine has been adjusted. Thanks.

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