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Marking machine marking parameters, in fact, ah, laser marking machine wants to mark deep according to different materials, it may have different effects. This is not necessarily resolved by changing the parameters. But we can still give it a try. Below we will tell you the specific method of laser marking machine's deep parameters. We need to change the marking depth parameters of the laser marking machine from two aspects to three aspects. The first and most commonly used is our bold. Then we will change the default and parameters, and remove the check in the default parameters. The speed at which this will be marked. It is the option of speed bracket mm/s. The speed here we can change to 100. The lower the speed, the deeper we will hit. Of course, this is linked to power. The more power we will hit deeper. We can turn this power up to 100%. For example, our machine is 20 watts, if the power is adjusted to 100%, it will mark with the power of 20 watts. This will make the effect deeper. If this still can not solve the problem of deep laser marking machine, we suggest to change the hardware. So let's just say replace our lasers. The laser is replaced with a high power, such as 50 watts, 100 watts or higher power to meet the standard. The depth of drilling is different on different materials. This is almost impossible to control through a parameter. So we'd better make multiple parameters and multiple changes to test its depth and how deep it can be played. Just remember that the slower the speed, the deeper the stroke, and the higher the power, the deeper the stroke. And then vice versa. Therefore, the parameters of laser marking machine depth are not fixed. It needs to be determined according to the different places where the materials are used. It took several attempts to achieve the desired effect. If the effect cannot be achieved, we can only suggest that you change to a higher power laser. The above are the deep parameters of the laser marking machine we introduced to you. Skillfully use the speed, power and frequency of the laser marking machine to complete our parameter adjustment.

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