Laser marking machine numbering tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many manufacturers use laser marking machines to mark serial numbers and production dates. This number can be customized or added automatically. So how does the laser marking machine software realize this series of functions? Let's take a look at the tutorial for playing the game tonight. 1. Open the laser marking machine software and add drawing text. To draw text, just use the default text, and we don't need to add other text here. 2. We can see that there is a Text in the input window on the left. Below this window there is an enable variable text. Check Enable variable text. 3. Then a window appears below to add, delete, move forward and move backward. At this time, a text element will appear, which will contain fixed text, serial number, date and time network, communication window, communication file, and keyboard database. 4. Check the serial number, and the starting serial number will appear here. The starting serial number is the first serial number we need to type, for example, 1000. We will fill in 1000 in the start number. Fill in the current serial number as 1000. If it is 1500. It will start marking from 1500 when marking starts. The maximum sequence number is the end time. We fill it here as 2000. The sequence number is incremented by 1. This means that the class starts from 1500. The second is 1501. The third is 1502. until the end of 2000. Click Save. In this way, the automatic numbering and marking can be completed. Let's take a look at the following, the automatic date marking is still in the variable text, select the date in the text element. Choose our format. Then click OK. This date is set according to the current time of our computer. For example, the current time of our computer is 3:05 on January 20, 2022. The first time we type is this time. This time will increase according to the normal time increase. All of the above are variables that are coded dynamically. If we want to set fixed, we only need to click the fixed text. Enter what we want in this fixed text. That is to say, after the fixed text is entered, the text will not change, and it will always be this content. You can also use the drawing text tool directly. Change the default text to what we need. Click Apply to save. This allows direct marking. The tutorial of laser marking machine numbering is the same as other common operations. The difference is that what we need to play is different. We can test several times according to the above ideas, and we can achieve the effect we want.

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