Laser Marking Machine QR Code Tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

It is a very simple operation to print a QR code with a laser marking machine, but many people do not know how to use it. In fact, it is very simple to print a QR code with a laser marking machine. Let's take a look at how it works. First, we open the laser marking machine software, click to draw text in the software, then we can see the font window in the left window, then we select the barcode font, and then select qrcode in the barcode font, and then click Apply. What needs to be noted here is that our QR code will only take effect after clicking Apply. In this way we get a QR code. Then we enter the content we need in the text box below. The content here can be text or a URL. Click on a barcode icon above this one text box. At this time, a barcode window will appear, and the style of the QR code can be set in this window. In this, we can set the language encoding, and we can also set the point mode, meta mode, and rectangle mode. You can also set point mode, circle mode and rectangle mode in it. You can also set a border for this QR code. If you want to set the border, you need to click Invert. At this time, we can see the blank at the bottom. There is a top below this blank, and a bottom on the left and right. We change these 4 parameters to the size we want. In fact, this function is mainly applied to colored and uncolored materials. Another method is to set a dynamic QR code. We only need to click on the enable variable text below the text, and then click Add. This time we will see the text element window. Let's select the file again. In the file, we can choose Excel or txt text. This requires us to make the format of our txt text and excel text first. Then we click OK. In this way, our QR code can realize dynamic input. Laser marking machine software prints QR code parameters, we can change different parameters according to different materials. For example, when we print metal materials, we can adjust the marking speed to 900. The marking power is adjusted to 60. Then select 20 as the frequency. If it is a plastic material, we can adjust the speed to 1500. Adjust the power to 30. Even smaller. Different materials have different effects on printing QR codes. We can change these parameters to achieve our better results. The above is the tutorial on printing QR codes on the laser marking machine analyzed by the laser. The method is very simple, I hope it can help you.

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